Lighting Decoration

Subtle LED lighting on the wallpaper and carpets

Led lighting carpet

LED wallpaper and carpets. How is that possible!

The hi-tech is getting closer to the interior design. Living ideas that until a few years ago seemed reserved for Sci Fi are now being integrated into more and more homes. Here we also have such a case.

Because these LED wallpapers and carpets do not represent a futuristic, but a very realistic concept.

LED lights on the carpet

Led lighting carpets

Today’s work is Philips. So it is also intended to get to many people. For surely the company not only thought of the idea, but also of its unique realization. Rather, the production and the successful sale have already been planned.

It’s called OneSpace. It is a continuous LED surface, which unites uniform light in white. It does not dazzle and the strength can be regulated.

Colored carpets

carpets with led lights

The idea was also integrated into the so-called Light Transmittive Carpet. It is characterized by the LED mixture within a textile mixture. On the ground you will experience small lights. The material was made by a dutchwoman named Desso. You can not purchase this product in many countries. Actually only in the Netherlands and in Great Britain.

The question we asked ourselves was this: “Why do you need such a thing?”. Anton Martens from Philips seems to be prepared. Because he also has a clear and pretty convincing answer.

Wallpaper with LED lamps

wallpaper with led lighting

He recalls that most people spend their time indoors today. That is why it is essential to create spaces with a great and appealing atmosphere.

The rug is available in different sizes, colors and formats. He can handle the intense traffic. If necessary, he could contribute at night for better orientation.

That was exactly the goal of the project. Do you find the execution successful? Do you think that you would feel comfortable in such an ambience?

Glowing wallpaper for the living room

flowery wallpaper with led lights

The light can be regulated

led wallpaper lights

Wallpaper for computer fans

led illuminations wallpaper

Living room with colorful wallpaper

wallpaper led lights

Beautiful, is not it?

wallpaper led lighting ideas

Run on the luminous carpet

carpet with led lights

Different color combinations

different colors rugs led lights


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