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Succulent decoration ideas bring a green touch to your home

Do you have a green thumb? Then you will find the succulents just as great as us! We have already published several articles on succulents, their species and care on our website, as well as their unique interior and exterior deco features. But today we want to dedicate this article again to the small thick leaves. Now we want to treat the decorative possibilities of these houseplants just in the cold months. We assume that when it gets cool and rainy outside, that does not mean that you have to do without a great green eye-catcher in your own four walls. Now comes the best time of these all-rounders in terms of room decoration, which call themselves succulents! Here we inform you about striking decoration ideas succulents who bring a good green note to your home. Here you will find new ways to use these unique indoor plants in your room decoration.

So, stay with us and let yourself be surprised by the following pictures, because they speak for themselves.

This is what the thick leaves look like, which are also called succulents

Decorative succulents

Why should you decorate with succulents?

Succulents are a special kind of indoor plants. Most are small and compact, barely growing, but are considered true survival professionals. These are easy-care plants that you rarely have to water. They thrive perfectly even in the dry, because in their leaf tissue or in the roots of water is stored.


Thanks to their water deposits, they can survive well long periods of drought. However, one must be very careful with the watering, because in the succulents care the waterlogging is undesirable. In addition, you can easily multiply them and create a small garden of succulents at home in this way. Because of these properties, the succulents can be used as decoration. You can completely change a room area, because the arrangements with these house plants are always conspicuous and serve as an eye-catcher in the ambience. Usually they are cared for in mini pots, because the thick leaves can thrive in little soil. They grow just where other indoor plants can not stand.

An old pot could be the new home of the succulents

Succulent pot kitchen decoration

Practical decoration ideas with succulents

Surely you are already convinced of the undisputed decorative properties of succulents, or not quite? We will now show you in picture and text how these little magicians inscribe themselves in every room design.

Put your skills to the test and try to make unique decorations with succulents yourself

Making succulents decoration yourself

If you are still a beginner in plant care and home gardening, then you can start with the thick leaves. First, maintain some succulent species in small ceramic pots and try to group them together. Do not forget, there are also colorful succulents, so you can introduce some splashes of color into the arrangement. Place a few mini pots of succulents in the middle of your dining table and create an autumnal eye-catcher. The plants definitely attract all eyes and lead a natural, green note on the table.

Bring more color into your succulent arrangement

Color in succulent arrangement


Very often you group together different types of succulents in one pot and get a gorgeous, completely natural arrangement. Here are mainly pots or pots made of ceramic, wood or metal, but very attractive are also those made of stone or its imitations. Succulents look wonderful even in glass containers, in old pieces of crockery or small vases. These indoor flowers thrive everywhere and bring nature directly into your home.

Succulents can grow well everywhere, even in such small porcelain containers

Succulent porcelain vessel white

Such an arrangement with succulents in stone vessels is really eyecatching

Succulents arrangement Stone vessels ideas

In a glass bowl, they thrive wonderfully

Succulent glass bowl

We all know that the pumpkin is considered as a symbol of autumn. How about combining pumpkins and succulents in the room decoration? Yes, the result is gorgeous and can not leave you indifferent. In hollowed-out pumpkins you can place succulents in small plastic containers and create a great arrangement. The pumpkins serve as planters and are real eye-catchers, right? With such deco emphasize the autumnal flair in your home and are even envious of friends and relatives because of your skills!

In a hollowed-out pumpkin you can arrange your succulents and create a wonderful eye-catcher for Halloween

Succulent pumpkin decoration Halloween

But we want to go a step further in the direction of succulent deco and reveal two great decorative tips with these houseplants. The next two decoration ideas are similar to living artworks. It’s about skilfully designed wreaths that can decorate your front door for months. The thick leaves defy cold and wind and give the entrance area a great mood. Try making such a wreath of succulents yourself. On the Internet you will find detailed instructions on how to master such a thing. Put your imagination and skill into play and you will create something unique!

This DIY wreath of succulents is a true work of art

DIY wreath of succulent door

The next deco idea with succulents is for advanced DIY artists and flower lovers. A living painting or a small vertical garden? No matter how one calls this artwork, it is unique and will please your eyes for a long time and let your mind wander. Something that could be admired at home every day!

But before you start this daring DIY project, you must be well prepared.

DIY project succulents preparation

See the video below for how to create such a beautiful small vertical garden of succulents yourself.

And another video showing beautiful hanging plant pictures.

Follow our deco ideas with succulents and bring an extra dose of natural freshness into your home! Spend unforgettable time in this autumn / winter season in your own home!

Succulents in a small glass bowl can serve as an eye-catcher on the dining table

Succulent glass bowl eye-catching dining table

Old meets new: Succulents grow in the old driftwood and the whole arrangement adorns a modern kitchen

Succulent driftwood modern kitchen

Succulent driftwood container eye-catching in space

Succulent driftwood container eye-catching

Succulent arrangement glass bowl

Succulent arrangement glass bowl

You can cultivate your succulents in wooden boxes, but also in wooden crates or in small or larger concrete containers

Succulents in the wooden box

Succulent species wooden boxes

Room decoration concrete container

Succulents decoration ideas

Succulents - decoration and care

Do it yourself with succulents

Succulent porcelain container

Succulent species nice arrangement

succulent species

Succulent care

Succulents decoration and care


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