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Succulent species – The diverse thirsty artists are great to plant decoration

Succulent species – What types of succulents do you know?

We would say that there are suitable plants for everyone, depending on the type of person. Some manage to keep the beauty of the green eye-catcher for a while longer, others encounter huge difficulties in protecting their plant decoration from withering or waterlogging. For those who do not have a green thumb, we recommend planting succulents.

Succulent species – a variety of leaf shapes and colors

succulent decoration plants decoration

Succulent species – survival art and unusual beauty characterize these plants

succulent deco succulents species decoration plants

Plants always come into focus. In minimalist interior design, their majestic beauty is better, while in other interiors they have a more complimentary presence in the room. succulents are today a trend in home decoration. Plants are always in fashion, but the succulents provide a much different sense of living. And also leave your creativity a great deal of freedom. Succulents always catch the eye. They come to light as components of striking decoration or come into play completely independently and “self-confidently”. But which types of succulents are there, and which ones do you prefer for your room decoration?

A cactus decorates the living room table

decorate succulent species decorate apartment

Succulents in glass

succulent decoration glass

The name of these plants comes from the Latin: “sucus” for “juice” or “suculentus” for “juicy”. The succulents store the water, their parts are filled with thick, greasy juice. That’s why they are called fat plants. Most succulents thrive better at high temperatures. Only very few succulent species like a bit low temperatures.

Spectacular garden design with succulents

succulent deco garden ideas garden stairs

Succulents are a trendy decoration

succulents species plants decoration

The succulents do not have their own plant family but belong to many different plant genera. However, depending on the part of the body that stores the water, one differentiates between leaf, stem, and root succulents. Leaf succulents include the genus of the fat hen, the stem succulents – the cacti, and the root succulents Haworthia fasciata or Asclepias. Let’s take a look at how varied the succulents are!

Often cactuses and succulents are used as synonyms

succulent deco cacti living decoration ideas

Aeonium, the rosettendick leaf – Kwi Aeonium

succulent species kiwi Aeonium plant garden

The succulents are fascinating creatures of nature

succulents species Aeonium decorating plants

The agaves – Agave with spines

succulent species Agave indoor plants garden plants

Aloe is a particularly popular houseplant

succulent species decorating aloe living room

Crassula, thick leaf – The thick leaf has its own beauty

succulents species Crassula ovata plants decoides flat houseplants

The money tree is a popular houseplant

Succulent species decorating Crassula ovata flat

Delospermum – Some succulents even have flowers

succulent species Delospermum

Succulents as garden plants

succulents species genus Delosperma

Echeveria – Echeveria with beautiful gradient

succulent deco Echeveria fancy leaves

Sedum – Succulents, succulents and more succulents!…

succulent deco species Sedum

The sedum has interesting body parts

succulent deco species Sedum plant pot

amaranth – The house root has charm

succulent decoration ideas Hauswurz

Aeonium haworthii

succulent species Aeonium haworthii

The agave could also be a bit dangerous with its spines

succulent species agave decoration ideas

Agaves thrive in the garden quite well

succulents species Agaves garden ideas garden design ideas

Minimalist decoration with succulents

succulent species aloe deco ideas

The money tree in the pot

succulents species Crassula plant pot deco ideas

Colored succulents

succulents species Delosperma cooperi beautiful flowering

Succulents and stones look very stylish together

Succulent deco species Houseleek Sempervivum calcareum

Echeveria in an unusual color

succulent deco genus Echeveria

Succulents are clearly distinguished from other plant species

succulent deco ideas species Echeveria

A mix of succulents

sukkulenten decor ideas garden decor garden ideas

Huge agaves in plant pots decorate the garden

Succulent species Agave gardening plant pots

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