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Suitable hydrangea care for much more flowers

hydrangea care Hydrangea macrophylla purple flowers

Take care of their beauty with the matching hydrangea care

All hydrangea species love water. In part, this is also included in your name, which comes from the Greek. Sufficient water is also the first rule to which you can refer Hydrangea care would have to comply. These flowers do not tolerate the heat too well.

They close their flowers during the day to protect themselves from it and then open them again in the evening.

These flowers fascinate by their gentle beauty

hydrangea care hydrangea aspera plants

Countless tiny flowers

hydrangea care Hydrangea arborescens Annabelle

Blue hydrangea

hydrangea care blue hydrangea garden shape


A very tricky point with the hydrangeas is the question of whether you should work with fertilizers or rather not. They need special kinds, which develop their effect slowly. Find out exactly the right amount of preparations that you need to stand up for. If you attach too much, you might end up with more leaves than flowers.

Ensure the longer survival of these beautiful flowers

hydrangea care beautiful flowers garden plants

The Art Panicle Hydrangea

The hydrangea care in this species is pretty straightforward. They grow every year on a new stem. So you can easily crop them and not worry about damaging them in such a way. With this care you will get more leaves.

Bring color to the garden

hydrangea care Panicle Hydrangea garden

Snowball Hydrangea Annabelle

Even with Annabelle, the hydrangea care is not a complicated matter. They grow in very different conditions. You could fill the garden with snowball Annabelle, without paying too much attention to whether it is shady or sunny.

Embellish the garden with adorable plants

hydrangea care Hydrangea Annabelle garden framing

Here are some special tips for more leaves especially for this species:

  • When planting the Hydrangea Snowball Annabelle in a sunny spot, make sure the soil is moist;
  • Care of hydrangea in this case also requires abundant watering in dry periods;
  • Make more organic fertilizers, such as compost.

Hydrangea macrophylla and Hydrangea quercifolia

These two varieties are closely related. Both hydrangea varieties are actually climbers and grow zig-zag-shaped. Here, the hydrangea care, as far as the many leaves is concerned, one of the biggest challenges. The flowers grow from the bars from last year. So, if you decide to prune them, they are very likely to destroy the flowers for the next year.

Hydrangea with great flowers

hydrangea care Hydrangea macrophylla beautiful gentle flowers

Hydrangea in pink for a feminine radiance of the garden

hydrangea care Hydrangea macrophylla pink

Beautiful white flowers

hydrangea care Hydrangea quercifolia white flowers

Avoid it and limit yourself to removing the rotten tree trunks in the spring. If you want to achieve a shape by cutting, then this must be done before the beginning of bud formation.

Decorate the garden table

hydrangea care flowerpot garden garden furniture plastic furniture

Hydrangea in flowerpot

hydrangea care flowerpot beautiful deco ideas plants

Magical garden design

hydrangea care garden plants

Plant hydrangeas in the courtyard

hydrangea care garden landscaping plant

Hydrangea bush

hydrangea care garden ideas plant

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