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Suitable ideas for the wall color according to the horoscope

Matching color trends according to the horoscope

Do you already know the color trends for 2019? Surely you have then made a certain narrower choice. Or you still could not decide? Then read on and find out what would be appropriate with regard to your zodiac sign. Our proposals are not necessarily made according to the current shades of the year. It’s about the wall colors, which are basically suitable for you. Once you know these, you can choose something similar among the current trends for the main shade or the accents in your home.

Of course we do not live alone. So what do we do if there are different zodiac signs on different colors in a family? This could be an inspiration for an entire color palette. This can be designed differently: Some colors can be used as a complement to each other or as contrasts. Other nuances, when blended together, will give a great new hue. In any case, find a solution in which everyone in the family is “colorful” and everyone respects and feels in harmony.

What happens when you dislike a certain color? We would say that with today’s large selection this is hardly possible. One and the same color can be found in so many variants. You will surely discover your own combination that is universal. Incidentally, the texture also plays a very important role. Choose these just as carefully.

So, let’s see what wall colors match the representatives of the various zodiac signs!

Matching wall colors ideas for zodiac Aries

The self-confident and purposeful nature of the ram, everything fits around the pink – darker or lighter. This is stylish and easy on the eyes. This wall paint looks bold, but at the same time decided and grown up. Combinations with bright shades make for a balance and brighten up the room.

The pink wall paint is very suitable for self-confident rams

Wall ideas pink design living room trends

Wall colors ideas for star sign bull

The leading color for the Zodiac Taurus is black. We would even say that for both sexes. For men, this color can dominate more. Alternatively, a gray shading could be selected.

Get a dominating environment

Wall colors design black bull

Wall colors ideas for zodiac twins

The most appropriate wall color for the twins would be yellow. These are always associated with the sun. It can be different bright. Decisive in choosing the right shade should be the brightness in the room. The darker it is, the more light is needed, the brighter the yellow shading should be.

Decide well when choosing the right nuance

Wall colors design yellow star sign Gemini


Wall colors ideas for zodiac cancer

Sensitive and loyal, the cancer needs exactly the same environment around it. It is symbolized by the light blue color. This color also has an invigorating effect.

The light blue shade helps to recover from everyday stress. Because you want to switch off at home, right?

The color blue ensures harmony

Wall colors design light blue star sign Cancer

Wall colors ideas for zodiac lion

If it has to be dramatic, you can always count on the help of the lion. But that is meant, of course, in the best sense of the word. Lions make sure that emotions in the lives of others are not lacking. The color purple, which has exactly the same effect, fits to them. The stronger the emotions, the darker the purple color should be. Of course, note the room brightness in the wall design.

A cozy nursery in purple

Wall colors design purple star sign lion nursery

Wall colors ideas for zodiac Virgo

They belong to this type of people who can recognize twenty different nuances of cream. Carefully and intelligently, they also have a very practical side, which in fact emphasizes the neutral color.

Neutral color palette provides intelligence

Wall colors design cream toilet zodiac Virgo

Wall colors ideas for star sign Libra

Very serious and oriented to the details – so are the representatives of the star sign Libra. These people are guided by their strong personal beliefs. They also have another side that longs for beauty and harmony. Her life goal is to achieve perfect balance. And it contains itself in the green color.

The green color is very positive and orderly

Wall colors design green bedroom star sign scales

Wall colors ideas for star sign scorpion

You are a passionate person. A scorpion begins with a full heart every new life task. Red also stands for her ability to make decisions. In general, this warm color always gives a very good feeling to all Scorpio borns.

Red also stands for your ability to make decisions

Wall colors design red bedroom star sign scorpion

Wall colors ideas for star sign Sagittarius

Chocolate is the color of life of the zodiac Sagittarius. It is on the one hand very stylish and also very delicious. In modern and very life the shooters also need reassurance. The chocolate gives them this!

The color chocolate is one of the top wall colors

Wall colors design chocolate living room star sign Sagittarius

Wall colors ideas for zodiac Capricorn

Reserved, patient, and very hard-working. The representatives of this star sign simply believe that the good things come at the right time. They are disciplined personalities who very reasonably plan the next day and the next step. Probably the next five years. The neutral gray color would therefore fit them perfectly. It is also timeless, the new black design. The current nuances are many, but with their clear reason, the Capricorn-born certainly find the right solution.

Neutral color design of your room is definitely the right solution for you

Wall ideas Gray design bedroom

Wall colors ideas for zodiac Aquarius

Dear Aquarius, you need a wall paint that matches your independent nature. They tend to be electric and unusual. Besides, they are always original because you see dignity in things that other people are blind to. Like the orange color. It is ideal for you!

An original work environment in the color orange

Wall colors design orange Office Zodiac Wasserman

Wall colors ideas for Zodiac Pisces

Great imagination and sensitivity are typical of Zodiac Pisces. They are a true watermark. The view inside is typical for you! Blue is just right for the fish and indeed darker shades. For example, navy blue as the background color leads to better concentration.

Navy blue is very sensitive

Wall ideas light blue design

For the Sagittarius, the number one choice is chocolate brown

Wall colors design chocolate bedroom star sign Sagittarius

Every woman dreams of harmony in the kitchen

Wall colors design blue kitchen star sign Pisces

Ideal color for the star sign Aquarius

Wall colors design orange living room star sign Wasserman

Bedroom decorated with cream colors

Wall colors design cream bedroom star sign Virgo

Gray living room with white aspect

Wall colors design gray living room

Green is additive color mixing

Wall colors design green living room star sign scales

A 3D design with the purple wall idea

Wall ideas purple design living room


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