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Summer solstice – celebrate the summer start and stay happy!

What comes to mind spontaneously when you think of summer solstice? Certainly, many people feel over-excited and try to remember what they learned about it in school. The scientific fact is, that is the longest day and the shortest night of the year. In addition, this is the intersection between spring and summer, and from summer solstice, the hottest season begins in the northern hemisphere of the earth. This day does not always fall on the 21st of June, sometimes on the 20th or the 22nd. The beginning of summer has always been steeped in mysticism. The summer solstice is honored in several ancient cultures as the union between heaven and earth. You will learn a lot about old traditions at the beginning of summer here , In the past, the summer solstice was honored as the day of healing, strengthening and reviving. Today, many people also believe that dreams can come true in the night of June 21st.

The summer solstice is still wrapped in mysticism.

Summer solstice in mysticism envelops old traditions and superstitions

There are little rituals that you continue to cultivate on this day.

Summer solstice celebrating little rituals maintain daily routine

But today the beginning of summer is interpreted a little differently. The days around the summer solstice are considered the best time to rethink our intentions and seek new goals. In today’s post we want to introduce you to some popular little rituals to do just that. You may want to celebrate the summer solstice and make future plans with good friends and closest family members. Stay tuned to learn more about the Sonnenwendag!

Get up early and watch the sunrise.

Summer solstice celebrate getting up early to admire the sunrise

  • The summer solstice and our daily routine

On the day of the summer solstice you get up earlier than usual, experts say. It is best to leave immediately after getting up to watch and enjoy the sunrise. Surely you will be reminded of the magnificent and deeply impressive sight of the cycles of nature, which we all often take for granted. So stay awhile in the face of the rising sun and think of yourself and the world. When the sun is low in the sky, you can look directly into it. Fill your eyes with their light and your body with their energy.

Take a deep breath of fresh morning air and let it all hang out!

Celebrate the summer solstice, inhale the fresh morning air and see the rising sun

Collect elderflower and prepare a syrup.

Collect Elderflower Collect Syrup Prep Enjoy Drink Enjoy Summer Solstice

Traditionally, elderflowers have been associated with the summer solstice for a long time. The pleasantly scented elderberry actually has its heyday in many parts of the world in the middle to the end of June. Depending on the pagan tradition, anyone can create a heart with elderflowers and hang it up at home or over the front door. Many people approach this task more practically and prepare a tasty elderflower syrup and then enjoy it all summer long. How to make this syrup yourself, you will find out more from the attached video:

Alternatively, prepare a soothing elixir with chamomile. Stir chamomile tea and add a dash of cinnamon and ginger. Allow the tea to cool and serve with ice if desired. We’ll leave you what you add to make the chamomile tea even more magical. The options here are really numerous – from a few drops of vodka or brandy to whiskey to Golden milk ,

Chamomile tea refreshes the body and calms the mind at the same time.

Prepare chamomile tea drink the body refresh summer solstice celebrate

  • Express thanks, invite guests and host a summer solstice party

On this special day, we first have to take a deeper look into our lives. Think about how life on earth would be without sun. Express deepest thanks for the sun and colorful life around. Think about the world and yourself, and enjoy all the goodness that has already happened to you. Do not forget to admire the beautiful nature and colorful life around you. Pick some garden flowers and decorate your home.

Decorate inside and outside with beautiful field or garden flowers

Beautiful field and garden flowers

Only after you festively decorate the house and garden, you can invite guests to a summer solstice party. But this may not be like a usual one summer Party run. It should be powered by your own energy. Do not offer alcohol to your friends, spicy drinks are not suitable for the occasion. Instead, serve hot chocolate and herbal tea instead. Green or white tea, kombucha or mate would also be suitable drinks.

There are different ways to celebrate the beginning of summer.

Celebrating the beginning of summer. Summer solstice. Dancing on the beach

Free the soul of old doubts and fears.

Summer solstice rid the soul of old fears get rid of doubt

Conclusion: The summer solstice is for us the annual opportunity to take advantage of the natural light. It can help us to fight off burdens, doubts and fears and get rid of them. So we can feel freer and then better develop our own mind. The only way to honor the sun is to soak up their light and energy, to happily tune in and then sing and dance. This is a great time of the year to classify your own feelings and find the inner child in us. So our advice is: never lose the magic of each new day! And when the sun finally sets, dance even further and celebrate the light!

The Freshideen-Redaktion wishes you exactly that! Follow our tips and live happily!

Dancing lets the soul dangle!

In nature, dancing the soul, dangling, celebrating summer solstice

The longest day of the year ……… ..

Summer solstice the longest day the shortest night of the year

Only day with midnight sun at the polar circle

Summer solstice only day Midnight sun at the polar circle

Express gratitude and rejoice over everything beautiful that surrounds you.

Summer Solstice expressing gratitude look forward to all the best in life

According to ancient pagan tradition, fires are lit in the countryside that evening. You play and dance around.

Ancient pagan tradition. Summer solstice celebrate. Kindle fire. Dance play around

Think in solitude about the world and yourself.

Thinking in solitude in the midst of nature Enjoying joy Celebrating the summer solstice


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