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Summery window decoration – stylish floral ideas for your facade in summer

In summer you have gifts of nature that you enjoy to the fullest. These are the beautiful colors of the flowers. You can not have enough of it! We strongly advise you to give your imagination free rein and to think carefully about where you can use it everywhere.

Did you think of flower decoration for the windows? This is a great strategy to spice up your house facade in summer. See what we have found for great examples!

Flowers as decoration for the skylight

If you use flowers as a window decoration on the roof, beautify the facade in a gorgeous way. Your house will look very special and original.

Fill metal plant pots with natural fibers

window decoration mixed flowers green plants shutters metal plant containers

Bold leaves

No matter what the light openings are, there are some general nice strategies. You can put on the flowers, but also on the leaves for the great color. There are a number of flower species that can ensure this effect.

Plants that grow easily

Window decoration must be fun and make life easier, not harder.

Keep this rule in mind when choosing the right plants. The flowers and the green you choose should be easy to care for.

Homemade planter made of wood look very comfortable

window decoration long rectangular planter wooden planks

Make big windows dramatically

Drama and emotions are often lacking in large, stylish and simply ideal facades. Deco on the window with different flashy nuances that lives and changes every day, loosens up the ideal!

Put on the wealth

The window decoration with plants must either provide abundance or not be. There are several strategies to achieve this much sought-after effect. One possibility is the plants, which fall cascade down.

Traditional single storey house with perfect symmetry

window decoration plants petunia white planters

White for more elegance

Completely white windows are a very stylish solution. But sometimes, and especially in summer, she feels very sterile. To change this without sacrificing sophistication and elegance, plant containers with green leaves and beautiful white flowers are recommended. These are available in many variants on the market. Some are cascading, others have the character of a miniature summer meadow. Take a look around and decide what would be right for your window decoration.

Pastel shades

Another type of window decoration, which looks stylish and classic, consists of the plants in pastel shades. There are many great flowers that would be suitable! We especially like the lobelia and you?

Rustic shutters and magnificent petunias – simply the classic

window decoration petunia hanging windowsill

Decoration for the windows, but maybe also for the porch

You can spice up your windows, but also the verandas with this kind of decoration. Even these elements would thereby correspond wonderfully with each other. What do you make of it?

Fancy leaves

Do you fancy a bizarre look for the decoration on your window? This can also make the facade look unique original. Look for the right flowers and you will not regret the results.

Noble flower splendor at the white window

window decoration long flowerpot petunia symmetrical

Plant that correspond with the rest of the decoration on the window

It is certainly a bit tedious to organize the decoration in such a way that the plants correspond wonderfully with the rest of the window covering. Take your time, though. To achieve an upscale and if desired, quite classic look.

Make contrast to the wall

Not infrequently, the contrast is everything that a facade needs to look livelier and more beautiful. With the matching flowers, you can easily create this. Maybe you prefer the monochrome device?

Gorgeous spring flowers for more freshness and vitality

window decoration spring flowers daffodils hyacinths

From different concepts create a great mix

As you have just seen, there are many different possible types of plants that can be used as a window decoration. Some grow up, others form cascades. Some species of flowers will show through their beautiful flowers, and others will stand up thanks to the great leaves. Why do not you try to create a combination of all this?

Introduce the flowery beauty into your home too!

window decoration spring flowers fresien wisteria inside

Paint your old wooden planters in white for a harmonious contrast

window decoration mixed colorful flowers lion's mouth petunia

Cyclamen give the windowsill a soft, elegant touch

window decoration long rectangular flowerpot flowers a art

Fairytale with red geraniums and ivy

window decoration red geranium ivy

For true bonsai fans who are a tradition

window decoration traditional wooden green bucket bonsai tree

Magnificent geraniums adorn the rustic window

window decoration geranium blue window frame rustic


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