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Sun protection balcony without drilling: clever & practical ideas

Do you like to spend a lot of time on the balcony, especially in the hot summer months? Then you may have seen from your own experience how important sun protection is. It also works as a privacy screen and shields the balcony plants to not be in the strong sun. But what can you do if you live in a rented apartment and are not allowed to drill holes in the walls to attach sun protection? This article will show you some great ways for sun protection balcony without drilling that can be of help to you. Have fun while reading!

Sun protection balcony without drilling: What do you have to consider?

gemütliche Sitzecke Balkon

Especially in the big cities, privacy and sun protection balcony is simply essential. But there is also the largest proportion of shared apartments, which are significantly more than the condominiums. And even if you own your home, you have to follow a lot of rules. The installation of sun protection represents a change in the facade. In addition to the legal regulation, you also have to get a permit from the landlord, property management, or owners’ association.

Sonnenschirm Sitzecke Balkon

Sonnenschirm Balkon Stoffbahnen

Therefore, after choosing the type of sun protection, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the relevant rules and limitations before buying it and starting installation. It is much easier to get a permit for privacy and sun protection installed without drilling – especially for rental apartments. In addition to the type, the orientation of the sun protection is also important – frontal, side, up, down, etc.

Sonnenschutz Balkon Vorhänge

Vorhänge Schutz Sonne

Sonnenschutz Balkon Spaliere Sonnenschirm

Sonnenschutz Balkon ohne Bohren

The orientation is determined depending on the position of the balcony. Observe how many hours each day and from which direction your balcony is exposed to the sun. Sun protection is a must in summer, especially for the south and west balconies. If your balcony faces east or north, you may be able to protect yourself from the rays with a parasol. Below you can find out which types of sun protection you can attach to the facade without drilling. Perhaps you will also find the right choice for your apartment!

natürlicher Sichtschutz Holz rustikal

Holzlatten Sonnen- und Sichtschutz Terrasse

Balkon modern Zeirgräser Überdachung

Environmentally friendly sun protection balcony without drilling – plants

Sonnenschutz Balkon Kletterpflanzen

Blumentöpfe Balkongeländer Pflanzenkübel Beton

Plants are a wonderful and environmentally friendly idea for privacy screens! You can fix these either in pots on the balcony floor or in the flower box on the parapet or the railing. It is best to choose sun-loving plants that grow tall so that they form a wonderful green wall between you and the world.

Balkonpflanzen Baum dekorativ

Balkonpflanzen kletternd

Climbing plants are a good choice in this regard, but you should shape and cut them regularly so that they do not attach themselves to the facade and grow uncontrollably. The plants create a lovely, very cozy atmosphere on the balcony, but the main disadvantage is that they require maintenance.

Balkonpflanzen gemütliches Ambiente

Balkonpflanzen Sichtschutz

Balkonpflanzen Geländer

Bambuspflanzen auf dem Balkon

Sonnenschutz Balkon ohne Bohren Sonnenschirm

Blumenkasten Balkongelänger tolle Idee

Sonnenschutz Balkon ohne bohren vertikaler Garten

Balkon Sonnenschirm Pflanzen

Balkongeländer Pflanzkübel

Bamboo mats, panels, and screens

Sonnenschutz Balkon Bambusmatte Markise

Sonnenschutz Balkon Bambusmatten Vorteile

Another variant for sun protection balconies without drilling is to cover lengths of fabric (for example, awning fabric). Attaching bamboo mats and even panels to the inside of the balcony railing is also possible. This gives you a visual barrier to the front, down, side, and even up, which can also protect you from prying eyes.

Bambusmatten Balkon Sicht- und Sonnenschutz

Sonnenschutz Balkon Bambusmatte

Paravents are particularly well suited for the side privacy and sun protection of the balcony. These are mobile walls that stand on castors or stands and can be easily set up as required.

Balkon Trennwand Paravent

Sonnenschutz Balkon Paravent

Cover lengths of fabric and plastic film

Sonnenschutz Balkon Kunststofffolie

And last but not least – in specialist shops, you can find plastic film and panels of fabric that are equipped with eyelets. This allows them to be easily attached to the facade – with cords or cable ties. But you need at least two places where you can tie them, and it also has to be stable so that the sun protection can withstand even the strongest wind. With the plastic films and fabric frames, you can also choose between different colors, motifs, and designs – the models are particularly diverse.

Sonnenschutz Balkon ohne Bohren Balkonbespannung

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