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Sun protection window – a cooler feeling for the summer months

Floor to ceiling windows and large glass surfaces are an increasingly popular trend in house building. So we create more and more fresh air and let in a lot of sunlight in our homes and apartments. This makes us feel more alive and happier.

But with the larger transparent areas, many new challenges are also related.

Sun Protection Window – Find the right solution for yourself

window blinds sun protection window blinds inside

Modern ideas

The large windows, which bring in winter more light and thus joy of life in our apartment, in the summer months become a problem. Because now it is too hot. The same principle can also apply to the different times of the day. Early in the morning we want everything to be bright and fresh.

But in the afternoon, when the blazing sun comes, we would rather protect ourselves from it.

The modern sun protection for windows “knows” the problem very well. He has been made intelligent and so perfectly fits our changing needs.

sunscreen window outside sunscreen for windows

Sun protection for windows on the outside

According to many experts, window protection is most effective when installed from the outside of the window. So one avoids it just that the heat is accumulated by the sun inside. On the inside you should hang slightly permeable curtains. You can stop the glaring solar steels. But they are freed from the task of stopping the intense heat.

In the market there are different models of sun protection for windows. Above all, they differ in the mechanisms by which they are set in motion. Some pull you up and others – down together. Some have stationary and others – movable louvres. An important distinguishing criterion is also the material from which they were created.

As far as sustainability is concerned, you should choose materials that are most suitable for your local climate conditions. The choice of models also depends on the personal preferences of architects and users.

Sunshades Blinds Sunshades Windows Sunshades Ideas

Electrical or manual control

A big difference in window sunshade models is whether they are manually or electrically controlled. In the first variant you have to drill holes in the wall in some places. The effort in the second case is again great. A special installation has to be integrated to make it work well. Decide for yourself what would be suitable for you. And do not forget, the price of window sunshade models depends on whether they are manually or electrically controlled.

Do not forget the essentials

As with other highly optimized and modernized products, there is a fundamental danger here: one is overwhelmed by numerous offerings and many aspects of the possibilities and sometimes loses sight of the main purpose. Does the sunscreen work well enough to combine the two functions of protecting us from the sun’s rays when they are too much? Does he also give us the opportunity to have an unrestricted view to the outside world? Look at all models from this point of view and check very critically whether they are suitable for your case. You should also read sufficient reports on the mechanisms themselves. They are the trickiest part of sun protection for windows.

This creates an adequate sun protection for the windows

Sun protection window window shade Sun shade for window

The different models sun protection for windows

sunscreen window sunscreen for windows

Sun protection ideas for the window

Sunshades window blinds interior living ideas

Sun protection film for the window

sunscreen sunscreen window furnishing ideas

Roman blind window sunshade window Roman blinds ideas

Choose window blinds in matching colors

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The curtains are also a sun protection alternative

sunscreen for window curtains ideas sunscreen window

How do you like this colored sunscreen idea?

sunscreen for windows sunshade sunshade window

Wooden blinds with sliding system

blinds outside sunshades windows wooden blinds living ideas

Create a cooler summer atmosphere

sunshade sunshade window living ideas

Find the right sunscreen model

home interior sunscreens fentser jalousies inside

How do you like this idea for the outside?

Sun protection for window blinds outside sun protection window

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