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Super attractive wall decoration ideas with nature motives

Hiking and Climbing – two similar sports that are popular all over the world. Professionally or as a hobby, millions of people drive these extreme sports and every year billions of euros are spent on new equipment and climbing tours. People love nature and dream every day about the next trip, the next summit and endless hiking trails. Unfortunately many enthusiasts can not afford such a trip or they have no time for it. For this reason, our editorial staff would like to showcase attractive wall decoration ideas and explain how to give your space a natural atmosphere with beautiful mountains and peaks. In the following three points you will get to know the different variants and wall decoration ideas better and the important details will help you to find the perfect interior for your home.

Create your own dreamlike wall decoration!

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Wall colors – the look that impresses from afar

The realistic wall design with mountains is not a very easy task for many designers and homeowners. There are three variations to choose from that have different levels of difficulty – wallpapers, wall paints or washi tape. Particularly difficult compared to the alternative variants is the wall design with wall paints.

This is about the use of two to four different colors to create the realistic design. In general, you should already have previous knowledge of this type of wall design, because the straight lines and the matching color combinations should be very carefully planned and executed.

The mountain form consists of peaks that differ from each other. As an example, you can use Mount Everest and restore the same structure to the wall. If you prefer simple decoration, then you can concentrate on the straight lines, which form a shapely contour. The sharp lines are particularly realistic in every room. Here you should also draw a number of mountains of different heights. An important point is the use of white wall paint, which is a representation of snow on the mountain tops. The colorful mountain peaks with wall colors are among the most popular interior design ideas for the nursery.

Statistics show similar wall designs Nature designs very convincing on any interior design. These motives are also loved by teenage children and the reason is that these peaks are also informative. A good example is Mount Everest in the nursery, which is referred to as the highest mountain in the world. Thus, the children are informed at an early age about important learning materials and this knowledge can then use them wonderfully in school. The colors for the nursery are designed very differently. Gray, black, dark gray or another color palette like blue, dark blue and green. All these colors make a very nice decoration in the nursery, the following pictures prove it wonderful.

Dreamlike look for every nursery

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So realistic are the wallpapers

The second variant for wall design with mountain motifs is the wall-mounted wallpaper. These are considered very realistic decoration compared to the wall colors and Washi Tape figures. One of the reasons is that wall murals are made using professional photography and these images give the living room or bedroom a breathtaking atmosphere. This wall design creates a new symbol for realistic decoration thanks to the large selection of professional pictures by many photographers. You can create a beautiful interior that can be seen from afar. The quality of the wallpapers creates a design language that makes many design lovers speechless. Better to say, it feels like a 3D image as you take a closer look at the wall murals in the room. The colors of the contours are so perfectly combined that these wall murals are considered an absolute eye-catcher in the room.

A 3D design provides a design highlight

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Washi Tape – foolproof decoration

Lightweight, practical and removable at any time without damaging the wall – these three advantages perfectly describe the Washi Tape. Many design lovers want a wall design that can be removed at any time. Mountain motifs and clear shapes can be adjusted step by step and carefully planned to your taste. This idea seems like the perfect choice for these people who have no clear idea of ​​the end result. So you can spend a whole day making the DIY project elegant and creative. Do not forget that the nature atmosphere is a priority for the design!

After you know the individual ideas in detail, our editorial team would like to present a picture gallery presenting a mix of designs. Scroll down and enjoy our wall decoration ideas with natural flair!

Every line should be executed perfectly

DesignTips mountain wall ideas (

Your kids will love the new wall design!

mountain wall decoration ideas DIY

A bedroom on Mount Everest or Mount Everest in the bedroom? You decide!

Decoration design mountain wall decoration ideas

Give the nursery a mountain look

mountain wall decoration ideas

Take enough time and draw the snow peaks

berg wanddeko ideas DesignTips

Design perfect decoration within minutes

DesignTips wall decoration ideas

The more realistic the wall decoration, the better the atmosphere

DIY interior design ideas mountain wall ideas

Let your dreams run wild

DIY interior design ideas

Mount Everest decoration in the living room? Why not?

Mountain Wall Decoration Ideas Decoration Design

Design the mountain peaks optimally

Decoration design mountain wall decoration

Enjoy the exact mountain shapes of the wall decoration ideas

mountain wall ideas ideas form ideas

Wall murals – the elements look so realistic

wall decoration ideas form ideas

Your kids will definitely love the wall decor ideas

shape ideas wall decoration wall decoration ideas

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