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Swedish stove in the spotlight: a real eye-catcher in the interior!

Schwedenofen hängend gemütliche Sitzecke

Have you been dreaming of a stove that will create a cozy ambience in your living room or in the kitchen? Then the Swedish stove is definitely the best choice for you! It is currently super modern, quite functional and is a real eye-catcher in the interior – just look at our photos to see for yourself! Below we have collected some models from well-known manufacturers especially for you, which impress with their chic and really elegant look. Hopefully you like ours!

Swedish stove brings a modern touch to the interior

kleiner Kaminofen Raumteiler

Kaminofen super modern attraktives Design

Kaminofen Raumteiler Wohnzimmer Küche

Kaminofen Vorteile

Schwedenofen installieren Kosten

Schwedenofen gemütliche Atmosphäre

Schwedenofen mit Brennholzabteilung Wohnzimmer

Schwedenofen als Raumteiler wirklich cool

Schwedenofen rund klein Blickfang

The term Swedish stove is actually a synonym for stove. This describes both the decorative hanging fireplaces, which look quite attractive and eye-catching, and the space-saving stoves that are mounted on the wall. Every wood-burning stove consists of a combustion chamber, where the inserted pieces of wood burn visibly, and a heat-resistant casing made of sheet steel. Usually the combustion chamber has further insulation made of firebrick or other similar materials. This not only fulfills a protective function, but also absorbs part of the heat and emits it in the room even if the fire has been out for a long time.

Decorative hanging fireplaces are a big hit right now!

dekorativer Hängekamin

Hängekamin rund Blickfang

Schwedenofen toller Hängekamin

Hängekamin super modern Wohnzimmer

Schwedenofen innovatives Design Hängekamin

runder Hängekamin klein Blickfang

Hängekamin Wohnzimmer gemütlich

For the Swedish stove to work properly and reliably, it must be supplied with sufficient combustion air. This can be obtained from the installation room. A better option, however, is the air connection from the outside – the fireplace does not consume oxygen from the room. The resulting exhaust gases are fed into the chimney through a special exhaust pipe. If you do not have access to the chimney in your apartment, a small stainless steel chimney can also be installed.

Swedish stove for low heating costs

Schwedenofen Blickfang im Interieur

Schwedenofen rechteckig Feuer sichtbar

Schwedenofen modern Kosten

Schwedenofen aus Metall stilvolles Design

Schwedenofen moderner Eckkamin halbrund

Schwedenofen hängend gemütliche Sitzecke

Some modern Kamion stoves also have the so-called water pocket – this means that part of the heat is used for heating water. These types of stoves are not only decorative, but also quite useful and allow you to save some money on heating bills. They are equipped with a heat exchanger that directs the water from the heating system through the stove.

Select a Swedish stove – costs

Schwedenofen eindrucksvolles Design Wohnzimmer

Schwedenofen mit Brennholzabteilung stilvoll

Schwedenofen Brennholzabteilung unten

Schwedenofen modern klein platzsparend

The cost of a contemporary Swedish stove can vary greatly depending on the model. There are both simpler devices on the market for less than 500 euros and super modern ovens that sometimes cost over 3000 euros. The models with a water pocket are also a bit more expensive than those that do not have one. Other functions such as hotplates or an individual design also have a strong influence on the price. Another factor that plays an important role is the installation. If you decide on a wood-burning stove, you should also calculate the expenses for the firewood. The wood usually costs less if you buy in large quantities, not split and still damp. You usually pay more for oven-ready steps.

Store the firewood correctly

Brennholz richtig lagern

If you want to heat yourself with a Swedish stove, it is important to store the fuel correctly. Find a dry place to keep the woods. Because if they’re too wet, they can’t burn well. As a result, pollution levels increase and fuel requirements increase.

Firing up the stove: Tips

Hängekamin rechteckig an der Wand montiert

Kaminofen mit Brennholzabteilung

Kaminofen rechteckig Brennholz lagern

With most wood-burning stoves, the fire can be lit from above quite easily. Put two or three steps on the grate and stack small split kindling wood over it, as well as suitable firewood lighters. Finally, you can fire up the stove. You must always pay attention to the combustion air supply. This must always be good to avoid nasty surprises. In this regard, it is advisable to clean the chimneys regularly by yourself or to hire a chimney sweep to do this. Mounting a ventilation grille on the outer wall can also help.

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