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Table decoration – practical tips and tricks for a cheerful mood while eating

cake decoration homemade biscuits cherry flowers carnations

Great examples of table decoration that have nothing to do with vases

A beautiful bouquet of flowers always represents great table decoration. But there are so many other possible alternatives. They are just as simple and appealing.

The table decoration has to feel good

The table is something practical.


For this reason, his decoration should not only be beautiful, but also practical. You would have to be able to set them up and take them away again without problems. Table decoration must also be as varied as the shapes of the piece of furniture. This is very different in the modern room design. At the table we gather for dinner with the family, celebrate special occasions with friends or simply have a coffee in between.

Bring more freshness and joie de vivre to the dining table

table decoration dinning room fresh roses silver hearts

The examples of table decoration are chosen so that they correspond as well as possible to these peculiarities of modern living style.

Table decoration for small apartments

It can be a bit difficult to put everything in a small apartment. For this reason, ergonomic solutions such as foldable tables are becoming increasingly popular. Their decoration must be adapted to all possible variants. Think of candlesticks that could position you at different distances from each other.

Filigree metal cages have been in fashion for some time now

table decoration dining room dining table vintage deco metal bird cages


Would you prefer to forego the elaborate table decoration in favor of the seamless room look?

Then have everything ready on a trolley

table decoration dining room drinks trolley wood


There you may also store the table decoration, which you can quickly set up on suitable occasions.

Make the table decoration from the available products at home together

Tasty fruits, dry or fresh, nuts or recently baked treats are great for table decoration. They have another positive effect:

They collect the family around the table faster and easier

table decoration sweets party buffet

Decorative tablecloths

Do not throw away the tablecloths in great patterns and colors as decoration. This will change the atmosphere of the whole room with little effort.

Sculptural lights

The table decoration does not necessarily touch the surface of the piece of furniture. She just has to complement her visually. This role is wonderfully fulfilled by sculptural lights above the table.

Very effective are also slightly larger pendant lamps in industrial style

table decoration rustic fruit bowl industrial pendant lamp

Springy table decoration for real purists

table decoration dinning firsche yellow tulip branches

Create romantic table decoration in golden autumn

table decoration diner candlestick corncobs fall leaves

Retro chandeliers give the dining table that certain something

table decoration dining room round dining table fresh flowers fruit bowl

Simple and masculine with natural materials

table decoration dining room round wooden table rattan chairs

Modest and self-sufficient can also be called stylish and cozy

table deco dining room candlestick table runner

Rustic setting with traditional, hanging lanterns

table decoration dinning room rustic hanging metal lanterns

Less is sometimes more

table deko dinning room driftwood bamboo mini-pumpkins

Festive table decoration with candle and fresh flowers

table decoration fresh flowers plant trees


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