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Teacups and tea drinking in different countries

colored tea cups pastel shades drinking tea

A world trip and many teacups

It looks like you like to drink tea all over the world. The enjoyment of this drink seems to be very important to everyone. But you have found incredibly different solutions for how best to enjoy it. The teacups around the world are therefore filled with the precious drink, but in its own form.

This in turn reveals a lot about the customs and culture of different nations. Come join us, we will make a little trip around the world through the different traditions of tea drinking!

Drinking tea at breakfast is a healthy start to the day

tea drink sweets breakfast teacups

Larger cups for tea in purple

larger teacups purple design drinking tea

Glass teacup

glass teacup drinking tea

Matcha tea from Japan

From Japan comes the tradition of Matcha tea. The drink is made from only high quality green tea leaves.

The cups for Matcha tea are also only very specially selected

Tea Cups Matcha Tea Japan Drinking Tea

Darjeeling teacups

Special round teacups with fine relief and without handles are also these, in which the Darjeeling tea is traditionally served.

White cups without handles

teacups special design Darjeeling

Great Britain

This tradition is known to most of you. In the afternoon, the cups are filled with black tea and some milk on the island. Pastries and dry fruits are also added.

Tea drinking is a tradition in the UK

teacup floral elements english style

Turkish tea

Here we have a special tradition again. Black tea is prepared in its own way.

The cups that belong to it are also not to be confused

glass teacup turkey tea drink

Tibetan tea and cups of porcelain

The Tibetan tea is almost like a small breakfast. It is made with butter, milk and salt. It will be in special teacups cast in porcelain.

The taste is very bitter

teacups china tibet tea drinking

Moroccan tea

Special Moroccan teacups are reminiscent of these, from which you can drink a cocktail. Also, the look is so sometimes. Because very much like to drink the Moroccan tea with mint.

Hong Kong

Also made of glass are the teacups from which you can enjoy this universal drink in Hong Kong! Caramel is added for more flavor. The tea is served cool or with ice.


Both warm and cold you drink the tea in Taiwan. It is striking that it is offered together with tapioca balls.


Even in the US, you have your own tradition of refreshment. You drink iced tea from black tea, sugar and lemon. Soda is added with pleasure.


Cups made of porcelain or glass are equally used here. The most popular in the Russian tradition of black tea, which is liked without sugar and above average strong.


The teacups in Thailand are filled with a mix of delicious local spices and milk. This cocktail is offered with ice or very well chilled.


Pu-erh tea is the most popular in China.

The special vessels from which one drinks the tea are not to be confused with any other

teacups china tea drinking tradition


In India you like the tea and in some other places black and strong. The drink is served in glass cups. For weddings one likes to drink hibiscus tea.


Interesting is also the tradition, which is connected with the Mongolian tea.

It is served in special metal cups with milk and salt

teacups design Mongolia tea drinking


In Argentina you like to drink mats. This tea is rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

South Africa

Through the red bush, the tea tradition is characterized in this country. He has a very gentle and sweet taste. The color is bright red.


You drink the drink here from three cups, going from sweetest to not so sweet.


In this country you like to drink frothy tea with milk and sugar. You can enjoy this drink instead of a dessert.


Here one drinks black tea with cardamom and saffron.


Finish off with the tea from Qatar! You cook the tea here with milk and a lot of sugar.

The tradition of tea drinking

teacups japan tea drinking tradition

Teacup in Baroque style

teacups baroque teacup design

Vintage teacup

teacup vintage style tea drink

Tea drinking in France

teacups design france tea drinking

Beautiful cups with floral motifs

teacups design tea drink

Very simple cups in white

teacups plain white tea drinking

Different cups in each other

teacups different beautiful tea drink

Fresh cups for tea, which will also bring a lot of mood to the table

tea drink tradition colored teacups

Stylish cups in different colors

modern cups of colored tea drink


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