Ten rooms proving plaid are definitely back

Ten rooms proving plaid are definitely back

Plaid may look like the perfect winter decor because of its cozy aesthetics, but it’s the opposite of the bold pressure all year round and it’s officially celebrating its comeback. Here are new, new ways to integrate the charming print into your home.

kitchen floors

10 Räume, die Plaid beweisen, sind definitiv zurück
If you have a simple, minimalist kitchen and need something to enhance your look, a checkered floor is perfect. The pattern itself brings beauty and character while it is still fun and put together.

When renovating and / or upgrading a kitchen, the floor and cabinets are two large enough areas to make daring changes. A checkered plaid pattern created with floor tiles allows you to work in 2-3 colors at the same time while you have this bold feature of the floor patterns.

Neutral bits

10 Räume, die Plaid beweisen, sind definitiv zurück
Nude Plaid is unlike any other pattern because of how easy and funny it is. Keep the space as small as possible to keep the pattern in the foreground, or use multiple checks in the room instead.

Plaid is one of those patterns that works just about anywhere in the season. For a spunky twist, combine a neutral hue plaid print with crisp whites for a midcentury aesthetic that holds the entire space with a neutral undertone. To create a more contemporary look, add bright parts of yellow, red, orange and / or green.

Pastel softness

10 Räume, die Plaid beweisen, sind definitiv zurück
Consider a plaid print in your shower, it’s not only interesting to look at, but it’s also versatile, as it brings the punch of daring without the use of deep colors. Change your fixtures in gold or bronze to create a balancing contrast.

Not all plaid prints need to be light or deep and rich in color, they could also be soft and simple. Use a gray or blue color combination and combine it with pastel pink for a feminine twist or dull black bits for a modern touch.

Accent dining table chairs

10 Räume, die Plaid beweisen, sind definitiv zurück
Not thrilled to add upholstered chairs as part of your dining room? Here’s an idea to have plaid pillows instead. The pillows bring the pattern forward while still being easily placed.

If you’ve already set up a dining table, but feel that it lacks a bit of character, a checkered upholstered chair is a way to go. The classic pattern is versatile and timeless; Therefore, it offers a range of textures, yet blends seamlessly with your interior design style. Play it with two head plaid chairs or have fun and incorporate a few plaid seats.

Mix & Match

10 Räume, die Plaid beweisen, sind definitiv zurück
If you combine plaid with other patterns, you want to use a pattern that stands out against the stinging effect that plaid bits have. For a fun and summer appeal, add a floral print with bold colors to bring it all together.

Just because you have a plaid item does not mean that you are doomed to use only plaid prints throughout the room. You can use a bolder pattern or even a subtle one. The possibilities are endless due to the traditional atmosphere of this pattern. Stay in the same color scheme to avoid mixing and aesthetics.

Tip in the kitchen

10 Räume, die Plaid beweisen, sind definitiv zurück
Chic, bright checkered kitchen stools are one of the best ways to bring the pattern and at the same time have a cozy aesthetic in your kitchen. We love this idea either with a round smaller dining table or as part of your kitchen bar.

Plaid can be combined with a wide variety of styles, patterns and even colors, making it wonderful in the kitchen. Especially when used as a cushioned pattern for bar stools, use a colorful plaid print for a big punch of color.

Farmhouse feel

10 Räume, die Plaid beweisen, sind definitiv zurück
The feel of a farmhouse comes naturally when you work with a plaid print. There is only something very reassuring about the pressure itself. Use another daring print as part of your curtains to further push the cottage style.

Plaid is one of those prints that just screams “cozy”, it’s simple and yet a real eye-catcher, which is why it has a natural farm feel. Bring this farmhouse aesthetic naturally by putting plaid decorative pieces everywhere in your home. Be it a blanket thrown on the bench or chic pillows, the possibilities are endless. In addition, this is a fun way to bring patterns and colors into your decor.

Attach the wallpaper

10 Räume, die Plaid beweisen, sind definitiv zurück
A checkered wallpaper brings a lot of character into a simple area. It’s the perfect pattern if you want to bring a focus to the room . This works in a smaller dining area or even as part of a kitchen bar .

Never underestimate a good wallpaper, especially in the kitchen. Wallpaper is one of those decorative pieces that simply give the room a character. Combine a good old fashion plaid wallpaper with a rural sink and watch your kitchen begin a new life.

Attach the color

10 Räume, die Plaid beweisen, sind definitiv zurück
Colorful plaid is a great alternative to extravagant colors and patterns. It brings beauty while it is still one of those simple patterns. Add plaid in any room that feels a little “empty or missing”. You can even add a few different colorful plaid bits.

One of the many aspects about a plaid pattern we love so much is that it comes in several different colors. It comes in red, blue, black, gray or even a mix of yellow. Cushion a few chairs or even a couch and bring a new, fresh twist to a classic.

Window Nook

10 Räume, die Plaid beweisen, sind definitiv zurück
Window corners are fantastic if you want to integrate something else in the room. Not only are they part of the aesthetics of space, they are also prone to lead a new life. And remember, if you add a plaid bit, it will lighten the area immediately.

Window corners have become quite trendy, revitalizing new seating while still adding value to an unused space. Trends continue to evolve, but pattern printing persists. Add a simple plaid pillow in your nook area and watch the area take on new life.


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