Terrace Decoration

Terrace roofing that creates a comfortable space

patio roofing wood

Trendy terrace roofing

Thanks to new technological achievements, we can spend much more time outside than before. You can watch movies and watch TV. You can take a shower outside.

Taking care of the garden and the flowers is easier than ever. Often you have contemporary houses, which provide a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor.

All this has a strong influence on the look and functions of the Terrace roofs. Because these would now have to be much wider and more functional. Because you have transferred many of the functions of indoor life to the outside.

Great looking and functional canopies

good roof for terraces

Stylistic questions

You now have solutions for different styles than a few years ago. Because a courtyard and garden can also be designed in a minimalist, and not only in rural style.

That’s why the choice of materials and shapes in the canopies is much larger than maybe a few decades ago.

Wooden roofing for your terrace

roof made of wood

Decked roofs made of wood

This is clearly the nobler solution. It suits both rural and minimalist styles. Another big advantage is that they are massive. You can put some extra equipment on it. Think about extended storage space to the floor above or to a green ceiling.

Metal and stone roofing

stone patio roofing and lighting

Stone terraces-Überfachung

This is of course a very stable and very romantic variant. It is very common in front of all things at removing places in the garden where you like to kindle and grill fires in the summer. Wonderfully she looks next to a stream or swimming pool.

Aluminum frame and glass combined

patio roofing glass and sliding doors

Plastic, glass and aluminum

Constructions made of these materials (most in combination with other, different elements) are very suitable if you also want to accommodate sliding doors to windbreak. These are mostly available in the hardware store in parts. You can often install them without professional help with a bit of experience.

Gas lamp as a radiator for the colder days

patio roofing wood and aluminum

Lighting and heaters on the terrace constructions

The wood variants allow for all sorts of modern types of lighting. In the plastic constructions you have to consider more floor lamps. Because the ceiling does not have the thickness and conditions by which you can hide the cables on the ceiling.

If you want to light real fire, only the stone roofing comes into question.

A massive protective cover for the terrace

aluminum canopy

Wooden canopy over the fireplace

wooden roofing for the garden

Wood and glass combination

wood and glass canopy

Use green plants as a natural canopy

plants for terrace roofing

Would you also roof your terrace in this way?

chic terrace canopy

A protective blanket over the table

patio cover

Let sit under the canopy

patio roofs wooden frame

Plastic and aluminum combined

Terrace canopies different types

Allow enough light through the glass canopy

glass patio roofs

Wall-mounted rack

verranda canopy wood and plastic

Like sitting in the open air

great terraces protective blanket

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