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Terrace tiles – combine safety and beauty

terrace flow terrace laying flow frost-proof

Choose suitable patio tiles

Under no circumstances should you do anything wrong with the terrace design! Because here, the shortcomings often lead to very unpleasant incidents and additional costs. Surely you want to avoid them.

Slip hazard, easy breakage, permanently dirty looking surfaces – all these are possible consequences that can really spoil the mood out there in the long run.

No way do we want to see something like this on our patio. So let us know in good time about the different possibilities terrace tiles entertained and find a suitable solution.

Terrace tiles with floor to ceiling windows

Tile paint terrace lay tiles frost-resistant terrace tiles safe

Very many households insist on the seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor areas. The texture on the ground plays a fundamental role in this context. In some cases, you can actually use the same material for indoor and patio tiles.

Terracotta tiles for your terrace

tile frost resistant terrace lay tile color patio flooring

Especially when it’s a kitchen indoors, this is not a problem at all. Terracotta could be the universal material you use for the patio tiles and the interior. But you have to be provided with a surface that avoids the risk of slipping. Also, they must be easy to clean.

For the kitchen, this is actually not less important. Because there can always runoff water and dirt are collected.

Granite for the terrace tiles

non-slip terrace floor terrace floor terrace

If this type of connection between the interior and exterior does not necessarily exist, other materials may be used. Typical are the tiles made of granite. They avoid any danger of slipping and are resistant to cold. They can actually be executed in many different nuances. Furthermore, different textures are possible. They are also able to create a smooth transition or a connection between the indoor and outdoor.

The other advantage of this kind of patio tiles is that you can easily install them yourself. They have a unified structure, making it possible to work with them quite simply, even the unprofessional people.

Layout terrace tiles

terrace pallets wood look terrace lay tiles frost-proof

You only need to use the materials specially designed for patio tiles during installation. Such can give a suitable response to the temperature fluctuations by their elasticity. In this case, you have to use the so-called deforming joints. They make it possible to have the right installations for all seasons.

Renewal of old areas

terrace new terraced tiles wood tiles frost-resistant tiles slip-proof

You can extend the life of your old tiles with some suitable measures. This is what you should do, no matter how well your patio tiles were chosen and laid out. There are special liquids that can be spread on the cleaned tiles after a thorough cleaning. The pores in the terrace tiles begin to spread. There are some breaks, but they are so small that they are usually unrecognizable to the naked eye. The terrace tiles start to let out water. From the terrace tiles then comes out water. You now have to work best with a water-absorbing material. After only 2 hours, tiles that have been processed in this way can bear rain. For the next 14 days, the tiles are completely protected.

Choose non-slip tiles for the open terrace

frost-resistant terrace tiles terrace lay tiles frost-proof

Do you like how this terrace has been laid here?

granite tile terrace lay terrace tiles frost-proof

A cool idea from Morocco

Moroccan terrace laying terrace tiles frost-proof

Natural stone-like tiles for the patio floor

natural stone look terrace tiles terrace lay tiles frost-proof

Light tiles are getting dirty faster!

non-slip tile terrace lay tile frost-proof

Do you prefer it colorful?

terrace furnish tile color flooring terrace ideas

The WPC tiles are laid easily and look great

terrace tiles terrace tiles frostproof terrace terrace

Terrace tiles in wood look

terrace tiles wood terrace pallets wood look terrace

Design your terrace in an interesting way

terrace ideas terrace lay tile frostproof terrace flooring

Lay your patio with tiles that are easy to clean

terrace pallets terrace lay flooring terrace tile frost resistant

On the WPC tiles, you are also safe with bare feet

tile frost-resistant terrace lay terrace floor

How do you like this combination?

lay terrace natural stone tiles tile frost-proof

An old-fashioned but beautiful floor covering

terrace lay natural stone terrace floor terrace pallets tile frost-proof

The innovative terrace flooring

lay terrace non-slip tiles terrace tiles tiles frost-proof

How do you like this tile combination?

terrace wall terrace design terrace tiles frost resistant

Search tile colors to your liking

terrace terrace tiles frost resistant terrace shape

Another model of WPC tiles

wpc flow flow frost-resistant terrace lay non-slip tile

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