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That’s how Ikea imagines the comfortable living room furniture – 33 ideas

Many people call it a living room and others categorize it as a lounge. Whatever the living room is called, the function of this room remains undeniable: a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere should predominate there. For this reason, our editorial team would like to present a selection of more than 30 ideas for living rooms, which are current for the year 2018. The designs are selected to help you create a dream space. The patterns not only provide perfect inspiration but also help refresh and decorate the living room. Ikea has intentionally chosen these styling tips to introduce you to a targeted selection of ideas with perfect colors, storage options and decorations. Thanks to the shopping and design tips you will gain a lot of beautiful inspiration in the following points.

Cozy and very attractive look

Living room ideas design interior design

Lounge more comfortable!

Sofas are one of the most important pieces of furniture in every living room and contribute a lot to the comfortable furnishings. Ikea has sofa designs for the year 2018 Country-style selected. These sofas provide a fresh look in the living room. The materials not only get the most attention, but ensure a good comfort.

Extra upholstery is essential when it comes to cozy decor.

The fact is that Ikea represents the eclectic design ideas very well. The selection of sofas in the living room is very rarely so colored. Designers have not only selected different colors for the sofas in the room, but also themes. Yes, it sounds funny if the lounge area in the living room is not uniform, but if we look at it from a different angle, we find a colorful and attractive interior design. Clever, right?

Living room ideas with colorful designs

Living ideas design ideas with wood

Since Ikea keeps surprising the whole world with designer furniture, our editorial team has a lot of elegant sofas again this year. Experts describe the current designs as unique, because comfort is combined with attractiveness very elegantly.

Let us pay attention to the decoration of the sofas and couches. If we ask ourselves the question: which element could make the living room even more comfortable? Then the throw pillows come into question. In the next point you will learn the other furnishing ideas of Ikea.

Design a lounge in the living room yourself

living ideas tips

Throw pillows – these elements are so important for your comfort at home

When it comes to the term lounge, many people find a cozy and relaxed interior design. Carpets and throw pillows not only make the living room sparkle, they also play an important role in the cozy atmosphere in the room. Ikea has set a special value on this furnishing idea and the final result is clear: perfectly combined carpets and throw pillows in different shapes and colors. Many design lovers prefer the color combination of rugs and cushions. It does not have to be! In the interior design ideas you can see a different color selection and it looks great. Of course, the throw pillows are designed with horizontal or diagonal lines, creating a uniform design. A very interesting design idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčIkea is that they try to cleverly combine the throw pillows with the wall design. Yes, it sounds logical if your main goal is a uniform decoration. Focus on different sizes and lengths

Ikea combines comfort with a cool look

home ideas tips

Enjoy the many ideas for Ikea living rooms and design a cozy living room according to the latest trends. Take a look at the styling tips, which are also considered optimal shopping tips.

living ideas (22)

Comfort comes first!

living room interior design ideas

Do not forget the trendy wall design

Design ideas with wood living room ideas

All three throw pillows have their own design. Clever, right?

Creative constructions living room ideas

Eclectic decoration with throw pillows adds attractiveness

Living room Creative

Country-style sofas ensure 100% comfort

living room sharp shades

Throw pillows with colorful elements

Furnishing ideas design concept living room ideas

Select uniform design for sofa

Furnishing ideas sofas

Feel comfortable with the latest decorating tips from Ikea

Furnishing ideas living room ideas

Living room using ideas as inspiration

living ideas

Colorful throw pillows are among the latest living room ideas

living ideas ideas design trendy shape ideas living room ideas

Living room ideas design Creative living ideas sharp shades living room ideas Furnishing ideas design concept Living room ideas Furnishing ideas design sofa interior design concept Ideas design living room ideas living ideas (12) living ideas trendy shape ideas living room furnishings Design living ideas living ideas Creative constructions Living room ideas sharp shades living ideas ideas interior design concept concept Furnishing ideas design concept ideas tips Furnishing ideas design concept Interior design living room ideas)

living ideas

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