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The attractive design of your kitchen – slate worktop

The attractive design of your kitchen – slate worktop

Slate worktops – pros and cons

Slate is one of the three natural stone materials that are often used in the construction of countertops. Granite and marble are the other possible options. Aesthetically appealing and rather expensive – this is where the slates are known among the masses of consumers. However, there are many other factors that you should consider before selecting such material for your kitchen countertop.

Advantages of slate worktops

Slate worktops win the buyers with a decidedly attractive look. The surface appearance is very individual and your kitchen design will look the same overall. The surface of a slate is not porous and therefore easy to clean. This is a big advantage over marble and granite. Liquid oil residues and other products will not leave permanent stains. The cleaning is easy and the development of bacteria is unlikely.

The care of the material is particularly easy

slate worktop for the kitchen

Attention: Exceptions are acid-containing products. These already damage the slate worktops. Oranges and other fruits or juices can leave permanent stains.

Slate worktops come in many different shades. They seem almost without exception classic and upscale.

As an alternative, granite and marble are recommended

granite countertops as a kitchen island

You have the choice between the colors black, coal, gray, or brown. In the bright shades, you also have a wide selection, including red, green and blue. Compared to granite and marble slates do not differ so much from each other and you achieve a relatively uniform appearance.

Choose the right color for your kitchen design

granite kitchen equipment trends

Disadvantages of slate surfaces

Worktops made of slate lie approximately in the middle according to the criterion of robustness. With granite is about no comparison at all. The material could be scratched relatively easily and in some circumstances whole pieces of it could be broken off. The processing of slate also involves risks. While other natural stones are being sanded, this material is broken. This results in an uneven work surface, which is a big problem in some households.

Be very careful with the slate surfaces

marble design in the kitchen

You can choose the shapes to your taste

kitchen equipment ideas

Choose the right materials and colors

colors and types of granite ideas

Marble is one of the most modern alternatives in kitchen equipment

bright colors of marble countertops

Stylish and at the same time very robust

kitchen worktop slate granite marble

The surfaces can be easily scratched. So be careful!

slate worktops


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