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The attractive living room furniture: retro look

Modern living room furnishings are subtly reminiscent of past epochs of style

Modern living room furniture can refer to different style epochs. You just have to interpret them in a modern way. The following examples show how this becomes possible. Some of the displayed ideas refer to a specific style and others pick up more and connect them to an eclectic concept.

Modern furniture against the backdrop of a retro color palette

The modern furniture has far too many advantages from a functional point of view to want to do without. Their aesthetics are also extremely attractive. That’s how it is for many people who do not want to do without the retro charm at the same time. So what should you do in such a situation? Opt for a retro look in the wall design in the living room! Then put the modern furniture as accents in scene.

Opt for the perfect vintage look in the living room

Design ideas for retro living room

Touches from different eras

Put on the clear modern look in the living room furniture. This can be wonderfully enriched by subtle retro touches. This happens very well with the wall art. Which is your favorite epoch? Choose a piece of art from this for the wall design, preferably a large-sized picture.

Choose a suitable piece of art for the wall, which serves as an eye-catcher in the room

epochs in the living room

Retro elements of glass

When the retro elements come in the form of glass accessories, you can use them in virtually any modern context. Their transparency makes them so universal. Furnishing concepts with very modern-looking materials such as dark wood and metal are particularly effective.

Glass tables belong to the vintage furniture

Glass surfaces in retro style

Geometric shapes in the interior design

Geometric forms dominated in some past eras in art history and interior design. At the same time, they are an inseparable part of ultramodern concepts. So use the geometry in the living room furniture and let the boundaries between different eras blur. They create a universal and at the same time interesting, even mystical ambience.

The clean lines of the living room furniture are an inseparable part of the retro design

Wood design vintage design

Classic patterns and textiles

The classic patterns and textiles strongly determine our impression of a living room furniture. Even though all pieces of furniture are extremely modern, they can be very important for the character of the room.

The classic room look is very decisive for the appearance

retro artwork in the living room

White painted wood

The white paint also gives the interior a vintage character. That is why some furniture is specially processed in this way. You can paint the floor or some shelves in white.

On request, add invigorating modern contrasts, such as some sculptural-looking plants or herbal patterns. Such juxtaposition corresponds to the current trends of 2019, which rely heavily on the juxtapositions.

The white painted wood is particularly luxurious

vintage living room design white wood

Herringbone pattern for the ground

Have you planned all aspects of home decor in a modern style? What about the floor design? The classic herringbone pattern would make your soil look and feel invigorating.

retro furniture in the living room

Fiery accents in the modern living room furniture

Provoke is the same as invigorating. Do it in two ways with your interior design by positioning retro-style yellow or orange pieces of furniture in the ultra-modern interior design. Our examples show how well that works! In this specific case, we find this type of design in a living room with a window wall that opens to the garden. The retro chairs in yellow will be in spring and summer with some natural accents out there correspond.

Design the living room in an ultra-modern design

retro design of living room

Nice, comfortable and at the same time flexible

design and ideas for living room

Bright colors and glass furniture are extremely modern

glass appearances in vintage living room

As a decoration you can choose to stack old books in the room

vintage deco as living room design

The white painted wood looks very minimalist and elegant

white painted wood as vintage decoration

The vintage living room may also be a bit abstract

living room vintage decor

Combine the retro look with modern furniture

Living room retro style


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