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The bar counter – a merging or separating function?

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A meeting at the bar counter before eating …

Only a few decades ago, the bar counter was a rarity in our homes. It was even considered a luxury item. But the situation has changed radically … This element sets its presence in the interior almost triumphant. The bar counter enhances the feeling of lightness and dynamics in the entire interior concept.

Considered a rest place

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What separates or brings together the bar counter? An easy question with an even easier answer, right? It divides the space into two functional zones and brings people together! We can rightly say that the counter is an ideal place to rest. With his favorite drink you can relax well before dinner.

The separation of the different areas

bar counter furnishing ideas kitchen with bar


The contemporary, modern apartment layout relies on open space plan. Functionally defined are only the cooking, dining and living area. And for this the bar counter is a good solution for the visual demarcation of these areas. It usually creates a border between the kitchen and the rest of the living space.

The position options

kitchen with counter bar counter furnishing ideas

The positioning of the counter can be aligned with a view to the window or to the interior of the room, for example with a direct view of the television. In combination with the living room, it is a great serving aid for party evenings or family reunions. In many cases, the bar counter is the only solution for a practical organization of the dining area.

Bar counter models as a suggestion

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Everything you have said so far may already be known to you! But you may be looking for design ideas and locations for your new bar counter. That’s why we researched new design models and designs and show them in our gallery. It is not excluded, to draw other inspirations of it. You may find an ingenious idea for ceiling design or new color combinations, which you can implement at the next renovation. But let’s sit down until then at the bar counter on a talkie …

A bar counter idea for small-scale apartments

bar counter kitchen with bar counter

From this example, you can only draw inspiration!

barthisch kitchen livingroom bar counter

The integrated counter light brings an additional relaxation atmosphere

bar counter bar counter kitchen bar counter

A distribution idea for open room plans

furnishing ideas bar counter barthisch kitchen

Enjoy the morning coffee at the bar!

furnishing ideas kitchen bar counter house bar bar counter

The bar counter size should be well adapted to the room

Einrichtstipps Hausbar bar counter kitchen with bar

Create your own home bar

hausbar bar counters barstools furnishing ideas

The color combination is up to you

kitchen set bar counter home bar bar counter

A small piece of furniture that can perfectly replace the large counter

furniture ideas bar counters furnishing tips home bar

Stunning design in marble

living room bar counter home bar bar counter

A practical and effective model that integrates nicely into this kitchen design

living room bar counter kitchen with counter bar counter

Make sure you have enough counter light through modern hanging lamps

bar counter furnishing furniture bar counter

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