The best colors for small houses

The best colors for small houses

If you have a smaller house, you may think that you only need to use white and beige tones to keep it from appearing larger. However, there are several different colors that you can incorporate into your home that will give you the appearance of a larger residence. Here are a few options of different colors that you can use in a small house.


Die besten Farben für kleine Häuser
Taupe can be used in more ways than one. Paint your walls with this shade and paste it into the decor you just have. Combine this beautiful shade with one or two powerful shades to bring the entire decor together. There is no better way to do this than to use a bold hue such as yellow, orange or blue.

Taupe is an excellent overall color for any size home. It’s chic, trendy and adds a dimension to the living space. This color works best in the kitchen, in the office or even in the living room. The key is to pair it with other light colors and give the room a lot of natural light.


Die besten Farben für kleine Häuser
The kitchen may seem like the last place you might want to use such a rich shade of color. However, it will have a charming effect in the kitchen area, especially when used on counters and / or the kitchen island. Combine it with bright shades or metallics for the best result.

This greenish-blue color is not only beach but also classic. The color works well with several different shades, which is always a plus. Combine it with bold, rich colors for a contrast that’s hard to miss. This shade is great for the foyer, kitchen or guest room.


Die besten Farben für kleine Häuser
Griffin is such a unique shade that it mesmerizes you all at the same time. The color richness works well in the bedroom, because it is relaxing and soothing at the same time. Combine the hue with metallic colors to achieve different hues in the color.

Griffin is best described as a dark chocolate brown with a hint of gray and taupe. The color is a commanding hue that adds fullness and dimension. The key to working with this color is the combination of creamy-soft shades. In addition, you only want to use this color on an accent wall for the best result. This color is ideal for the library room or even the living room.

Pastel Blue

Die besten Farben für kleine Häuser
Go one step further and use that color in your dining room for a feminine charm that prevails. The idea is that the color becomes the center of the decoration. Emphasize the color by adding soft hues that stand out by themselves, without destroying the decor you have.

There is nothing better than adding a touch of pastel blue to a home. The notoriously beautiful color works well in any room it’s placed in, not only that, but the color is extremely pliable. Choose a lighter shade of pastel blue for a softer tint or a darker version of this shade for a richer, stronger feel. This shade works well in a bedroom or even in the bathroom.


Die besten Farben für kleine Häuser
Gray looks good in any room because the color is so wide. The color fits perfectly in the kitchen area and gives the room a chic look. It’s also a great way to brighten a white kitchen with the right amount of color.

The key to working with shades of gray is bright, clear white throughout the room. The clear white shades immediately pick up this hue and give it a charming effect. You want the gray to feel soft and charming, not stuffy and cold. Choose a gray hue with a purple or blue undertone. This is an excellent overall color, which means that it works well in every room in the residence.

Oriental red

Die besten Farben für kleine Häuser
Red may seem like a difficult shade, but it’s just the opposite. The strong color works great in any room where it is paired, especially in a neutral space. The key is to use it in small tins, with an accent wall and decoration to make it work best.

Yes, you read that really red shades work well in every room of a home. The reason is that they are rich and entertaining with a touch of modernity. The key to working with red shades is knowing which shades work best and where. You want to use hues that are less bold and have richer undertones. This will bring life into the room while it is still multi-dimensional. Adjust this shade in all rooms with great lighting.

dark Purple

Die besten Farben für kleine Häuser
The deep purple hue works very well in an entrance area, due to the texture and drama. The idea is to let the room appear more joined together without making it smaller. The extra drama will do the job. Adjust this hue with crisp white shades for the best result.

This royal shadow is everything you dreamed about and more. The hue is not for the powerless hearts or for the homeowner who wants a simple space. This color will catch your attention as soon as you enter. It also shifts colors depending on the lighting you use. The brighter the lights, the darker the color gets. However, if you use bright lights, the hue will be much brighter.

Add patterns

Die besten Farben für kleine Häuser
Pattern is one of those decorative features that many people can not work with. However, if you use properly patterned pieces, the space in which it is placed will appear larger. The key works with similar patterns in similar shades.

When it comes to using patterns in a small space, the key adds them one bit at a time. You never want to use too many patterns in a room. Keep it simple, keep it neat and the result will be beautiful. Consider using patterns that are similar in color to the colors you already use in the room. Place patterns throughout the house for the perfect contrast.


Die besten Farben für kleine Häuser
Bring the cheerful color! Yellow will make a big difference in every room. The idea is to put a touch of fat in the room to give texture and drama to any room, regardless of the color scheme you may have.

Yes, you have read correctly that the color yellow, when done right, makes the room appear larger. You want to use soft yellows on the wall and on furniture. This brings a bright touch to the room. Use this shade in the living room or dining table for a fresh touch of brightness.


Die besten Farben für kleine Häuser
Alabaster is easy. It is a neutral color with an undeniable charm. The color works well with other neutral as well as bold colors. This color is perfect if you want a white palette with a touch of something special. Grays, beige and even lavender add a touch of color in small doses.

Alabaster is crisp, a white hue with a touch of charm. This color is the perfect combination between white and beige. The color goes well with all shades, which is great because you can handle it and add patterns to the room that make the room look bigger.


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