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The Best Rose Gold – Living Ideas

Very often, the right choice of color design plays a crucial role in the interior design, but there are exceptions that are always considered an eye-catcher in the room. One of them is the color rose gold or also known as copper optics in Germany. As one of the most informative editors for interior design ideas, we would like to introduce you to this trend in more detail. Why this color has become so famous and what are the areas of application today, you will find in the following paragraphs.

The perfect color choice for any interior – Rose Gold

Copper rose gold ideas designs elegant

The beginning of an era

Copper has been creating a special charisma for years, and it was a matter of time before this metal created a huge interest worldwide. But now this moment has arrived and the trend can be seen everywhere. The color rose gold was first in demand in the interior, where elements made of genuine copper provide a unique look.

For years we have been able to see this color not only at home, but also outdoors. Apple introduced the first iPhones in color and the interest was absolutely great. The same applies to the foiling of vehicles in this color palette, because the combination with natural light makes the color even more attractive.

Step by step, the elegant color became a bestseller

iphone in rose gold ideas

Real copper or only rose gold effect?

Home accessories, lamps and pieces of furniture in Rose Gold are now categorized as bestsellers in interior design. The benefits are clear: a fair price that delivers a cool look. But you should know that a large part of the products are not made of copper. If you really want a stylish interior made of real copper, then you should expect much higher prices. There is also a small difference between the colors rose gold and copper, which appears a bit darker. Because the copper is a conductive metal, it is considered a perfect alternative for any bathroom. With a little imagination and creativity you can shape the copper conductor in an elegant shape and the end result will surely catch everyone’s attention.

Genuine copper is the inspiration of Rose Gold

bathroom in rose gold ladder


Perfect design with a shiny effect

Copper rose gold ideas designs tips

It depends on every little thing

The good news about this color is that it can enhance any interior design very positively. Home accessories and pieces of furniture with small details in the color provide a stylish look. The optical property of the paint plays an important role in the interior, because the combination with natural or artificial light results in a bright and shiny surface. The Rose Gold products are considered luxurious by many designers. Two to three pieces of furniture are enough in one room, so do not overdo it with the decoration!

Small home accessories attract attention

rose gold designs

Lamps in Rose Gold – The great bestseller

More and more homeowners are choosing hanging and floor lamps and arc lamps in this color. The glossy surface has a very attractive mirror effect, which is considered one of the strongest properties of color. The hanging lamps are mainly offered as ball lamps and are positioned in the kitchen and in the bedroom. Hang two equally sized pendant lamps over the table in the kitchen or next to the sleeping bed in the bedroom. The lengths of the hanging lamps can vary to provide better optics. In the living room, the hanging lamps are replaced by the popular arc lamps.

A perfect mirror effect in the kitchen

Copper rose gold ideas designs

The arc lamps in Rose Gold – a must for every living room

Arch lamp in rose gold

Rose Gold is one of the colors that has been one of the most popular trends in interior design for years. Our editors have selected the best ideas in the following picture gallery for you.

The bathroom can also be designed in rose gold

accessories for bathroom in rose gold123 dessign interior in rose gold hanging lamps Rose gold ideas lamps Interior in rose gold ideas Copper rose gold ideas designs accessories
Copper rose gold ideas designs ideas copper and rose gold Rose gold ideas kitchen Rose gold ideas lamps attractive
Rose gold ideas lamps rose gold interior decoration bedroom accessories home accessories in rose gold

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