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The changing table – tips and ideas for designing the wrapping area

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The wrapping area – tips and ideas for practical furnishings

As your family announces growth, all preparations for the newcomer must be made. Of course, this includes the furnishing of the baby or children’s room. The wrapping area is an indispensable element to give the little ones the necessary attention and care.

So that furniture To make everyday life easier, it has to meet numerous requirements. We have put together some tips and ideas for you, so that you can end up benefitting from a practical piece of furniture, including accessories

Changing table in the baby room

Newborn changing area make useful tips changing table

The variants

In terms of changing furniture you can fall back on different variants. There are some differences in terms of space requirements, advantages and functionality. We have explained the models here to give you an overview:

  1. Classic changing table : A traditional changing table is a sturdy chest of drawers that is designed to wrap and divide babies and toddlers. The shelf is particularly wide and deep, so it offers plenty of space. In addition, there are restrictions on the plate so that the offspring does not fall off. Below the surface, changing tables are characterized by closed fronts. Most are there drawers or closet doors. The advantage of this piece of furniture is that it remains in use as such after the winding phase, but can be used for a different purpose.
  2. wall changing table Unlike the dresser, unlike the chest of drawers, it’s not a massive piece of furniture, but rather a table-like top that is mounted to the wall but hinged. Changing tables are recommended for small spaces with limited space.
  3. changing table The changing table differs in that the piece of furniture offers open storage space possibilities. Usually the changing table is smaller and less bulky than changing tables. Despite everything, there is enough room on the table for the available editions. If you have to care for two children in one room, or if you also use the corresponding nursery for other purposes, you should resort to changing tables on wheels. You can find original designs for example under an online shop for strollers, nursery accessories and more. The advantage of flexible changing tables is the ability to move it around the apartment at any time. Ideal if, for example, one child is sleeping and the other needs to be wrapped. In such situations, you can simply move the changing table to another room without sacrificing accessories or functionality. Everything is always included with the mobile mobile home.
  4. changing board : The winding board, a flat board with padding and fall protection, offers maximum flexibility. It can be put on washing machines, dressers, baby cots, tables and many other surfaces. An inexpensive alternative. Ideal for small apartments or if there is no room for additional furniture.
  5. Changing Table : Here the entire storage space is open. Everything is quickly at hand, which is helpful when winding. After all, often only one hand is free. Since changing shelves are usually narrower than many dressers is wound laterally on changing shelves.

Changing table wrapping area fashion tips for baby's room


Useful accessories

Without accessories, the comfort of changing furniture is limited. The most important utensil for babies and toddlers to feel completely comfortable while changing is a well-padded one Changing mat , When buying, pay attention to removable and washable accessories. A lamp with pleasant lighting conditions should not be missing on the changing table. If you prefer bulbs with warm-white light color, they produce a pleasant light. But it should not be too bright, so your offspring can fall asleep at night again. A dimmable lamp allows you to adjust the lighting conditions to the time of day.

To prevent the freezing of the young, you can above the changing table a heating lamp Attach. 23 ° C are for babies as a guide. To prevent overheating, there must be at least one meter between the changing mat and the heat lamp. Also to the ceiling and side walls a safety distance must be kept. While above about 40 centimeters distance are optimal, the side wall about 20 centimeters. Are against boredom mobile advisable. These are simply hung over the changing table to distract the little ones a bit.

Changing area design useful tips changing table nursery

Checklist for more security

Finally, we would like to mention some safety aspects which are crucial when setting up a winding zone:

  • Changing furniture must be GS-approved
  • Other quality labels should demonstrate the absence of pollutants (e.g. The blue Angel “Or” natureplus “)
  • Lacquers must be saliva proof
  • Sufficient fall protection
  • For flexible furniture with wheels, models with brakes are preferable
  • Pointy, sharp or otherwise risky objects or materials are to be removed from the winding area

Changing area design useful tips Changing table in the nursery

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