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The color Lila – spirituality and wisdom

The color purple edible

The color purple and your nuances

The color purple is associated with magic, artistic creation, luxury, happiness and sensitivity. This color looks regal. This color and all its nuances have a strong effect, so you should take care while designing.

In the past, it was hard and expensive to make the color purple.


Only noble and influential people have worn the color that was directly involved with dark forces. This story explains why we perceive this color today in this way.

Purple is generally festive and extraordinary

The color purple plant two

Especially in combination with green, the color shows a hypnotic effect

The color purple tulip

Courage and independence are among the associations with color

The color purple oriental


Purple shades are very rare in nature, but when you see them, they give a sense of festivity and grandeur.

Because the colors are so rare and special, they are often favored in the design of graphic designers or interior designers. This creates a mysterious, extraordinary and extraordinary atmosphere and mood.

Special and sophisticated you immediately connect with the color purple.

Let yourself be spoiled by the quality – that whispers the color

The color purple satin

Sometimes you can admire the fascinating color at sunset

The color purple sky

The images from space show us the splendor of the color purple

The color purple cosmos

As a combination of blue and red, the first reaction is simply irritating. The color is liked by self-confident people and favored by power addicts.

Indigo blue

This shade can not be ignored. This is darkest in the color palette of color purple. It stands for power, authority, wealth and courage.

This magnificent color is dedicated to the artistic world.

Although the purple is relatively rare in nature, we all know the scent of violets in the spring

The color purple violets

Even the lilac can not go unnoticed by its fragrance and its beauty

The color purple lilac

Fortunately, lavender enriches our senses throughout the year

The color purple grape

dark Purple

The dark purple often has a depressing effect on humans. Often the feeling of dissatisfaction associated with this color is brought.

The saturated dark purple is dominant, dominant and mysterious

The color purple lipstick

The skin of some grapes has exactly this dark shade

The color purple mullet

Properly ripe plums and eggplants also get a nuance of this particular color

The color purple plum


Not without reason are cardinals and high church officials dressed in purple. Color has always symbolized spirituality.

Purple is the color of the Cardinals and Popes

The color purple cord

The color could be defined as eccentric and selfish

The color purple armchair

The mixture with raspberry red makes the color more pleasant and peaceful

The color purple wool yarn


The color is fitting in the design for the female audience. With nostalgia and romance we can describe the color a bit more accurately.

Due to the high saturation of the color, it is often associated with health and strength

The color purple red

Usually the rare plants in this color are very nutritious

The color purple red cabbage


The pastel tones bring a passive and peaceful mood. This shade is delicate, soft and delicate. This color is associated with contentment and longing.

Although the purple pastel is likeable and peaceful, it has a very strong presence

The color purple wool

The color could be described as androgynous and use only moderately and skilfully

The color purple lambourghini

The color makes people happy

The color purple plant Levendel-Purple

The lavender color has a similar meaning and effect as pastel – purple. Slightly cooling and distant, maybe even undecided.

The lavender purple is available as a natural event in the form of amethysts

The color purple amethist


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