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The color ocher as a living trend for 2018

color ocher color scheme wall colors ideas

The color golden ocher – the most modern choice for 2018

Every year, the color institute DULUX selects different shades that determine the color trend in the next twelve months. For 2018, the first prize of the color golden ocher was awarded. This color was chosen by different specialists in the design and fashion industry.

These are architects, designers, color experts. Among them there are still painters from all over the world. Are you curious what effect you can achieve with it in your interior design?

The many nuances of color ocher

color of the year color design color ockra

The golden yellow ocher color has many different nuances in it. It contains many playful color notes and sensitive rays. The golden yellow ocher is a color of warmth, sun, will and victory. This ocher color is combined with wisdom, he has a very noble charisma.

A charm that spreads throughout the interior design

color ocher color scheme living room colors combine


The wealth and energy that hide in this color are transferred to the whole interior design. The golden yellow ocher emphasizes the beauty of natural materials very well. That’s why this golden shade fits wonderfully with the country style. This color makes it look classy and modern at the same time.

Combination with other colors

color combinations color ocher furnishing tips

Golden yellow ocher looks particularly good in certain color palettes. We found the following news particularly pleasing: Experts believe that golden yellow ocher can be wonderfully combined with the other modern colors of 2018. This strengthens his positions even more for this year.

Golden yellow ocher makes modern and conservative colors wonderfully weld together

wall colors ideas color ocher color scheme dining room

The color golden ocher also has another wonderful feature. It can fabulously combine trend-setting, current and conservative color tendencies. This makes it great for converting old interior furnishing items.

Consider golden ocher shades for your accessories and details

wall colors ideas color design flat color ocher

The golden yellow ocher is not only suitable for the wall design. This color can also be wonderfully used on accessories and furniture. It shows off against white or against bright colors particularly well.

Golden yellow ocher makes your room appear wider and brighter

color decor furnishing tips color ocher

The golden yellow ocher hue is a wonderful choice if you want your room to appear brighter and wider. In dark and small spaces its properties are unbeatable in this regard. Despite the upscale character, the space with golden yellow ocher never seems too formal. This makes this color relaxing and therefore very suitable for the bedroom or living room.

Golden yellow ocher is suitable for light-shadow play

Color combination living room color ocher Einrichtstipps

Interiors, which rely on the interplay of light and shade, can benefit greatly from the golden ocher. Combine this color with claret, red, blue or purple. They are related to some nuances of the golden yellow ocher and their character is also rich in contrast.

Demonstrate freedom

color combinations ideas color ocher wall design ideas

There are better and worse color combinations. As a rule, golden ocher can be combined well with all colors. Take advantage of its potential in this regard. Blow up taboos and frames and demonstrate freedom and creativity within your interior.

Break through your boring decor with some accents in gold ocher color

decorating living room ocher decorating tips

The ocher color with golden shimmer looks very noble

furnishing ideas bedroom color ocher color scheme bedroom

A radiant color that attracts attention

furnishing ideas living room color ocher color scheme living room

The golden yellow ocher emphasizes the beauty of natural materials very well

home decorating color color color ocher

For 2018, the first prize of the color golden ocher was awarded

wall colors combine color scheme wallsticking tips

The golden yellow ocher is a color of warmth and the sun

living room set color ocher color scheme living room

Do you feel like “golden times”?

colors combine color ocher color scheme living room

The golden yellow ocher color has many different nuances in it

furnishing ideas color schemes living room color combinations

This delicate shade of color ocher creates a relaxing atmosphere

color ocher wall paint living room

The kitchen utensils made of wood come through the ocher color well

color illustration kitchen color ocher color combinations

A relaxed and neutral color combination

color scheme corridor color ocher color combinations

Create more coziness with colored duvet and pillows

color scheme bedroom furnishings tips bedroom

Discover the beauty of all the nuances of the color ocher

color ocher color idea ideas wall colors ideas

Fascinating combination with black

color design living room color ocher wall colors ideas

A modern and cheerful living room design

color combinations ideas color design living room color ocher

Create a special flair through ocher curtains

curtains ideas living room set up color ocher

The trend color of the year 2018 can be combined very well with other colors

color ocher color combinations color scheme flat

This color is also optimal for the country kitchen

wall colors kitchen color scheme kitchen color ocher

A “golden” bedroom will ensure you pleasant dreams

bedroom wall paint color ocher color scheme

Put trendy accents in the dining room

dining room colors color ocher wall colors ideas

The gold ocher color is the perfect choice for small bathrooms

wall paint bathroom color ocher color scheme bathroom

furnishing tips living room color scheme living room

wall decoration ideas color design ideas trend colors

home textile color ocher color combinations ideas

living room furnishing ideas living room furniture color scheme

wall design ideas wall colors living room

live with color color scheme living room color ocher

furniture ideas living room living room furnish color scheme living room

interior design ideas color ideas color ocher

color ocher color scheme dining room decor


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