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The color of the century? – Unique design ideas in turquoise!

Teal, Green Blue, Mint Blue or Baby Blue … A combination of these shades gives the most popular color in recent years – turquoise. This color is often confused with other blue-green nuances and it is discussed again and again whether it is more blue or green. The correct answer to the question is that this hue is not uniform and well defined. It always depends on the lighting design, which is the exact shade of turquoise. Apart from that, this color is one of the most popular nuances these days and their uses are extremely high. Cars, furniture, nail art and clothing are among the wide selection of things in turquoise.

nail design

If you want a modern and stylish appearance, then we can say with certainty that the nail design in turquoise is a real eye-catcher. Especially in summer turquoise is an attractive and recommended color for nail designs. The brands “Opi” and “Essie” have a rich and qualitative product range in this color. For every nuance, these brands have invented an individualized name and customers can search worldwide for a particular color very easily. The prices vary between 3 € and 23 €, depending on whether the nail polish is dull and shiny.

Unique color and attractive appearance

Brand design-turquoise

Design ideas for cars

Last year, for the first time, a large car company presented a car in turquoise. Well, it’s about the new Porsche 718 Cayman, which has conquered the countless victors’ stairs at the presentation. Since then, car owners have designed new designs for their cars. These investments are of course not cheap, because it is about a complete repainting of the cars.

Of course, you can choose another optimal variant that saves a lot of money – let the car foil. This technique is very popular nowadays because the films are much cheaper than the repainting. In addition, you can easily remove the film after a certain time. Would you like to be an eye-catcher everywhere with your car? If so, then turquoise is the right color for you.

Presentation of the new Porsche Cayman 718


The alternative to repainting – car wrapping

foil turquoise


Wall decoration and pieces of furniture in turquoise? A tough task, but not impossible for eccentric homeowners. Green-blue accents in the room can be combined with the navy-blue wall design. If you prefer turquoise pieces of furniture, Ikea will definitely be there to help. The well-known furniture company attaches great importance to the current designs. An important point of this color palette is that it has a very inviting effect, such as the maritime decoration.

Turquoise accents create a pleasant atmosphere

furniture pieces turquoise

Design your turquoise design to your own taste


Turquoise attracts all the curious eyes of the people from afar. If you want to look attractive, we recommend using this color in your next room design.

Discuss the perfect color with your nail designer

glittering turquoise

Vintage furniture is one of the best design ideas

pieces of furniture in turquoise

Turquoise nail designs are a real eye-catcher

nail designs

A matching color for the nursery – turquoise


Combine the color with other nuances

turquoise, yellow and Nail Design

The eye-catcher on every street

turquoise poscrhe-cayman

3D concept with wall design in turquoise

wall design-turquoise

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