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The corner wardrobe saves space in the bedroom! – 20 modern design ideas

The corner wardrobe in the bedroom is actually an extremely clever idea. This saves you space and the room looks larger. The piece of furniture is a wonderful idea, especially for the small bedroom, and in this post, we show you 20 contemporary designs that you might like. Let yourself be enticed!

Corner wardrobe – the perfect idea for a small bedroom

Eckkleiderschrank in Weiß groß elegant

The wardrobe is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the bedroom. But most of us want a big one because we want enough space. But when the bedroom is small, the large wardrobe becomes a problem. In such cases, a corner wardrobe is a perfect solution. You can also save a lot of free space so that the bedroom is not cramped and cluttered. Also, the piece of furniture is adapted to the room conditions, which is not only practical but also looks really cool. Take a look at our photos to see for yourself!

The wardrobe that is adapted to the room conditions

Eckkleiderschrank riesengroß

The corner wardrobe can be made to measure. So for rooms with unusual architecture, such as bedrooms with a sloping ceiling, this is a great option. Also, as mentioned above, these types of wardrobes look quite interesting and can even turn into an eye-catcher in the room. Such pieces of furniture allow maximum use of the available space. So, in this way, you can afford to have a very large wardrobe in your small bedroom. But a wardrobe that is made especially for you often costs a lot of money. If you have a smaller budget, you can also opt for a modular piece of furniture. This type of wardrobe looks very modern and unusual, and the individual modules can be arranged according to your needs. If you cannot find such a piece of furniture in the furniture store, it can also be ordered online.

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Eckkleiderschrank stilvolles Design

Eckkleiderschrank mit Regalsystem

Eckkleiderschrank aus Holz

Eckkleiderschrank offen


Eckkleiderschrank schwarze Fronten

praktischer Kleiderschrnk mit Regalsystem

Kleiderschrank anordnen Ideen

Kleiderschrank kaufen praktische Tipps

Kleiderschrank rsa Fronten Mädchenzimmer

Holzkleiderschrank Vintage

weißer Kleiderschrank mit Spiegeltüren

praktischer Kliederschrank Kinderzimmer

hoher Kleiderschrank Holz weiße Fronten

Kleiderschrank grau weiß chic

Eckkleiderschrank Spiegeltüre modern

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