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The cozy interior of your family kitchen

So you can comfortably set up a family kitchen

Family kitchens are for a minimum of 4 people. Most of these are two children and two adults. They must meet two basic requirements: space for food preparation but also recreation and entertainment. The kitchen has to adapt to the lifestyle of the people and offer everything that belongs to the modern understanding of comfort. If these conditions are fulfilled, we are dealing with a successful concept.

A practical floor plan

Above all, the layout of the kitchen must be practical. Among the many possible variants, you can choose them that meet the following conditions: The floor plan looks harmonious, allows enough storage space and work space to be stored, leaving enough running surface.

Leave enough tread for the whole family

Work surface and playing area in the room

Example of a well-functioning color palette

The color palette should on the one hand make the benefits of the floor plan even more noticeable. At the same time, it was supposed to liven up the room.

Here’s an example: You can opt for darker shades at the bottom. This leaves the storage space there even narrower, so you feel even freer in the kitchen.

For the top section, you can choose a bright shade that gives you width and light.

The contrast between the two will loosen up the space and make you feel full of character. Another possibility would be the contrast between vertical and horizontal surfaces.

The storage space should always be placed in the lower area and in the upper you should leave as many free walls as possible: Do not use there on storage space or opt for open shelves.

In doing so, you should take care with the following: The kitchen island in the middle of the room should be set up partially or completely with open rack space. The elegant open design makes the whole kitchen interior look upscale. In addition, we have the feeling of having more tread through such furniture design. This is a big advantage, especially in narrow family kitchens.

Carefully choose the color in your family kitchen

shine and modernity in the family kitchen

Balance between open and closed storage space

Open and closed storage space should be used in a variety of ways. In the first, you put down everything that you use daily or often. The closed cupboards contain those items that you occasionally need and do not have to open all the time. There you can also store spices and products.

It’s best to have a combination of open and closed storage options

Harmonious variant of a family kitchen

Warm to fiery accents

The contrast between dark colors below and bright in the upper area is full of character and bold, but it makes the kitchen appear too cool. You can make up for that with warm and fiery accents. Execute them in red, orange and yellow.

Use accents that refresh the space

lighting and natural light in the kitchen

Varied play and work areas

There are several situations in which you and your children have to do different things in the kitchen in parallel. Think about which these are and create the right conditions for them. Do the children have to write their homework in the kitchen while you cook? Do you sometimes have to do a lot for your job from home? Then integrate a work corner somewhere.

Do your children like to paint? Maybe you can put a blackboard somewhere to work on for some time. The last solution also has a great decorative effect.

As a rule, enough space should remain for the work and play areas in the family kitchen

kitchen design for the whole family

Pivotal points and different zones

In a larger family kitchen, you must clearly define the different zones and think well about the pivotal points. An open plan apartment can combine both. The kitchen island could define one functional zone and the dining table – the other.

Combine functionality and luxury

Family kitchen with practical floor plan

Refine the room with inexpensive and effective materials

A family kitchen should look classy and modern. This does not always cost you many extra expenses. For example, there are some types of tiles that are not so expensive, but at the same time bring splendor and modernity to the room.

Bring shine and modernity into the room

tile landscape style kitchen equipment

The lighting

Finally, we want to go into the lighting. As much natural light as possible should get into the kitchen. Plan the floor plan so that the access is not entangled. Ambient lighting should come from a source only when the space is extremely small. It is best to assign a ceiling lamp to each major zone. Under-lighting and built-in lamps would have to illuminate the gloomy corners and niches. Integrate task lighting into all workspaces.

Integrate a cheerful kitchen lighting

Kitchen design kitchen equipment with design

The functionality in the kitchen is the top priority

Family kitchen design and functionality

The wood design gives the kitchen a natural look

bright kitchen design working color palette

The family kitchen should seem big

different zones in kitchen design


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