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The current interior design combinations between old and modern

A mix of old and modern in the current interior design

Classic interior design with modern decoration ideas. That’s always something impressive. If it is done well. But that works only with the right tips. We are dedicated to this article.

Analysis of the ambience

The modern decoration goes after the analysis of the classical ambience in advance. The style, the number of colors and textures and the relationship between them must be determined. Also important is the floor plan – it is in a sense the center of the interior. Is the kitchen or the living room the space in which family and friends come together?

Do not forget the environment on which you can take a look through the window. It also plays an important role in the decoration. By and large, you want to preserve the noble character of the traditional interior while still remaining separate from the modern world.

Perfect environment by using the traditional interior

Interior neutral design old-fashioned

Neutral color palette

The neutral color palette always works best. But that does not mean that they should lack character. Actually, 2019 designers offer a lot of flashy solutions for a colorful, yet neutral wall design that is both lively and original.

Neutral and at the same time original wall design

Interior white bathroom old design

The decoration can create a contrast.

But there is no other way. You can choose a monochrome color scheme. The walls and decoration may include similar shades. The first must appear more traditional and the second – a more eccentric version of the same main color.

In both cases, the decoration must be the contemporary element. That loads the whole atmosphere with a lot of energy and originality. In addition, such a structured interior has more chances for a long life, without losing its relevance.

Monochrome color design loads your atmosphere

Interior hanging lamp design monochrome color design

The lights

Another possibility for the mixed interior is the spice up of the premises with modern lights. Contemporary hanging lamps in the kitchen or chandeliers in the living room are typical modern solutions. It is important here that the selection of form and color is not arbitrary. It would have to define the lights rather than an accent in contrasting color or an extra layer. In the second case, the decoration takes on the color of the interior, but makes it a little darker or lighter.

A modern solution for the design of your living room: chandelier

Interior chandelier neutral color palette

Another important aspect is the choice of materials. Glass and metal are a well-functioning combination for such cases. The first fits both tradition and modern interior and the second is decidedly contemporary.

A similar pendant light could be the highlight of your kitchen

Interior Old and Modern Trends 2019 Hanging lamps pictures

Contemporary furniture

Contemporary furniture can also be part of the decoration. They just have a double function. This is actually wonderful in the design of the classic ambience. Especially in the dining room, the chairs may be quite different. Otherwise, if you’re well-versed in shape and color, they can also look futuristic. If you choose extravagant pieces of furniture, we recommend looking for a thematic point of reference.

This bathtub is the perfect example of the mix between old and modern

Interior white bathroom old design trends cultured

The artistic equipment

In traditional home decor with modern decoration, art is very important. Just as with furniture, different eras can be combined here. Even you can simultaneously introduce photography and painting, as well as graphics. Colors, shapes or any other element should connect all artworks together, so that the harmony in the room is not lost. Again, everything works easier if you stick to the neutral color selection.

Basically, it is important to keep the background of classic and the decoration and functionality more modern. The two may behave towards each other like base and accents or different levels within a multi-layered interior. Is it the other way round? Yes, certainly, but it often does not make sense. The combination of austere classicism and modernity is often needed in historic neighborhoods and homes. She just wants to make the most of the realities.

The painting in the room ensures harmony

Interior hanging lamp design monochrome color design retro

The classic: chandelier

Interior chandelier kitchen trends 2019 old and modern

Create a neutral color palette

Interior chandelier neutral color palette

Chandelier in the bedroom? Why not?

Interior chandelier design monochrome color design

A perfect combination in design: pictures, chandeliers and contemporary furniture

Interior chandelier design


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