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The elegant wall design with learning effect – world map wall!

After our editorial an interesting article about trendy wall design with Forest motifs We would like to present a new cool project: the world map wall. No other decorative element looks as imaginative as this wall design. The photo wallpapers offer a great versatility and are ideal for luxurious and classic spaces. For this reason, this trend enjoys an ever-increasing popularity. Many design lovers describe this interior design idea as an eye catcher with a learning experience for children (and adults!). Would you like to give your room a unique look? If so, then read our tips presented to you in the following paragraphs!

In the interior, the world maps differ significantly from the other wall design options and convince with a high level of creativity. Bring the whole world into your home. The large number of design world maps will help you stylishly decorate your space and make it a cosmopolitan place. It is a unique opportunity to decorate the empty wall with wall maps, because they will give you the feeling of an experienced traveler. The card wall art gives you the opportunity to experiment and think outside the box.

International design in every room

Cool World Map Wall Image Gallery

Make world maps in each room properly

Before you choose a design to your taste, you should know that every world map wall has a special use. In other words, the design pieces play an important role in every room. Here you should choose between two variants The first option is a detailed world map in bright colors.

These products also have a learning effect, which is important for our education today. The second option is a world map that has only the contours of continents and countries. A cool theme for the bedroom would be the classic design. Choose a gray wallpaper with a world map and create a traditional look. Colorful world maps are more likely to be recommended for the guest or living room, and thus the decorative pieces combine with the Mediterranean character of the room.

Also for the nursery world maps are determined as a good solution. The colors and the details have a learning effect and encourage children to think. Experts determine the world maps as the best solution for wall design in the nursery. The fact is that nowadays the topic of “globalization” is an important issue for the general education of children. The bright colors quickly get the desired attention and can turn the game into a learning experience. Clever, right? Bringing the game room to a whole new level!

In the kitchen, design lovers often rely on the stylish city maps. These decorative pieces are a beautiful wallpaper to decorate and extend to the ceiling. This makes the room appear bigger. In the eclectic Kitchen makes the Welkarte wall perfect and complements the overall picture of the room. Thus, you give your kitchen design an extra boost.

City maps very elegantly replace the world maps

Ideas design world map wall

Plan motives yourself

Wallpapers and wallpapers give the room the perfect look again and again. But many homeowners want an individual design. The good news is that today you can design a world map design to your taste. Your own card wall art sounds great, right? To do that, you need to find and order the outlines of each country, city, or town. Adhesive paper is great for this idea. So push the individual elements and position the ones on your world map wall. Create your own world map that can give your room a special character. An interesting idea is to create the world map in neutral colors. If you look closely at the design, the eye can rest. The world map poster gives you space a real feel for the world, so enjoy it!

The world maps on the wall attract all eyes very quickly. In each room there are many ideas for the right positioning, creative motives and decorative design. Enjoy the selected picture gallery!

Select the places you visited

World map wall ideas design

City maps as a 3D concept are considered a good idea

decorative design world map wall

Enjoy your new world map wall

Design world map wall

Wall design with a high learning effect

Ideas design world map wall

Neutral world maps provide a relaxed atmosphere

Concept world map wall

The perfect decorative piece for your bedroom

Motive world map wall

Wall decoration world map wall

Stylish and elegant

Wall decoration world map wall concepts World map neutral colors

Combination of many cards

World map wall sticker paper

World map wall cool designs

Learn more about the world

World map wall designs

Small figures make for the perfect design

World map wall decor motifs

More attention in the nursery

World map wall ideas Deigns

Black and white world map wall attracts everyone’s attention

World map wall ideas

Imaginative wall design that suits every taste

World map wall international feeling

Colorful colors give the room attractiveness

Plan world map wall motifs yourself

Design the wall to your taste

World map wall wall decoration

Enjoy a state-of-the-art wall design

World map wall

Design your own motives and design!

World map wall design

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