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The food combining diet – worth knowing, important tips and tricks

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What do you have to know about biscuits?

Food combining is a special kind of diet in which the foods are divided into different groups depending on their ingredients. They are accordingly combined in different ways.


The theory of food combining diet was developed on a biological and biochemical level.

It is believed that the organism better distinguishes similar food and assimilates accordingly.

The different groups

Now let’s discuss what these different groups of foods are. They are grouped according to the dominant nutrients in the products.

The secret of the food for separation

diet food circle food healthy eating

Carbohydrate group foods

This group includes the nutrients that contain more than 15% carbohydrates. These are bread and pasta, rice, oats. Corn, potatoes, peas are also part of this group.

Prefer whole grains and brown rice

diet nutrition healthy carbohydrates rice noodles potatoes

Foods of egg white group

This food group includes milk and dairy products, eggs, soy, soy substitutes and meat. Fish and seafood are also part of this group.

Foods of beans group

This type of food has a fairly balanced character in terms of the various nutrients it contains. Naturally, beans and lentils are included, as well as some nuts such as cherry peas and peanuts, which also belong to the same group.

Prepare delicious salads and stews!

diet food healthy beans corn parsley salad

Foods high in fat

These include foods that consist only of fat or predominantly of this substance. These are vegetable oils, butter, cream and many cheeses with a fat content above 60%.

Excellent culinary combination

diet food healthy fat salmon avocado olive oil walnuts buckwheat

Foods of the sugar group

These include honey, sugar, fructose, glucose, jam. You should also count many types of fruit for the sugar group. These are apples, pears, cherries, bananas, grapes, peaches and others.

If you want to feed on the food combining system, special attention is to be paid to the water and sugar melons. They should not even be combined with other fruits.

A first class natural product with a high sewing value

diet nutrition healthy honey trace minerals vitamins

Enjoy only in moderation and prefer the vegan variants

diet food healthy chocolate candy candy sugar


Cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, cauliflower and actually all common vegetables belong to this group.

If possible, select organic and regional

diet food fresh healthy vegetables tomato gurnken onions zucchini grapes peaches

Acid group

The last group which is allocated at food of separation diet is that of sour food. These include lemons, currants, pickles and sauerkraut – these are typical examples of food in this group.

The sour group also includes some drinks such as tea, coffee, sparkling water, beer, wine, grape juice.

Good combinations of food according to the food combining system

nutritional food nutrition system food properly combine protein fat carbohydrates

Here is the list of successful combinations according to the food combining system:

  • Protein with fat;
  • Protein with vegetables;
  • Protein products of various kinds;
  • Carbohydrates with fat;
  • Carbohydrates with vegetables;
  • Carbohydrates with sugar;
  • Fat with vegetables;
  • Fat with acidic foods;
  • Sugar with acidic foods;
  • Fruits should be eaten separately from all other products;
  • Beans with vegetables;
  • Beans with fat.

Combine low-fat meat with crunchy vegetables

diet food healthy fresh meat vegetables broccoli carrots onions

So, now the big question arises: Does one really take off thanks to food combining?

Alone, the food combining diet is not enough to help us lose weight. The fat reduction is always due to the difference between the ingested and consumed calories.

If you do not decrease it, then why is the food combining diet always recommended?

The reason is purely psychological. Usually, the meals that were put together according to the food combining diet, have a reduced number of calories. Furthermore, they contain a lot of water. At the same time you consume in a diet food so composed food and nutritional products that have a very good satiating effect.

That’s why the food combining diet really helps many people who want to reduce their weight.

Late summer goodies

diet food healthy fresh fruit redcurrant blueberries honey cake

In which cases is it advisable to rely on food combining

The food combining diet brings two main benefits. The digestion of food is fast. It happens within minutes. The nutrients are also assimilated within a very short time.

Food combining really suits the modern lifestyle very well. She is wonderfully registered in many modern nutrition strategies.

Who benefits most from the diet of nutrition? These are not really the people who just want to lose weight. The food combining is much more for the people who want to keep their weight for a long time.

Precious source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements

diet food healthy fruit fruits strawberries orange grapes apple

The fast digestion makes this nutritional method also great for professional athletes and athletes.

Is the food combining diet scientifically recognized?

There is a great deal of debate in scientific circles about whether the food comes with something or not. Above all, the question is very much in dispute as to whether one can indeed promote the “digestive intelligence” of the organism through similar food.

Why do not you make your own experience with food combining?

A good option is the smoothies

healthy food fresh fruit fruits vegetable smoothies prepare vitamins minerals

Use valuable extra virgin olive oil more often

diet food omega 3 unsaturated amino acids olive oil

Discover the fabulous, healthy world of nuts!

diet food nuts walnuts almonds hazelnuts

Healthy breakfast with quinoa and pomegranate

diet food healthy fresh pomegranate sweet potatoes quinoa

Frozen wild berries are also perfect for your diet

health food nutrition fresh fruit wild berries blackberries raspberries currants blueberries deep frozen

Exotic fruits also offer the palate a great deal of gastronomic pleasure

diet food fresh fruit combine exotic fruits dragon guava

Gorgeous sweetness, which should always be enjoyed separately

diet food healthy fresh fruit eating sugar melon

Vegan burger with quinoa, mango and basil

diet food healthy cooking quinoa burger mango basil

And how about a light wrap with chicken, beans and tomatoes?

food health food system guacamole green salad beans tomato chicken breast fillet

Wholemeal pasta and rocket – just tastes delicious

diet food healthy cooking spaghetti noodles wholegrain rukola

Fancy real freshness?

diet food healthy eating food fresh tomatoes rukola lettuce

Enjoy classic summer salad with olive oil

organic vegetables cucumbers tomatoes iceberg lettuce parsley vitamins healthy

Avocado, spinach and tomatoes – the classic

Frozen food vegetables sweet potatoes avocado cherry tomatoes spinach salad


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