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The garden fireplace – A fireplace for all seasons

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A garden fireplace creates a homely atmosphere even in the cooler seasons. In the garden or on the terrace it can be used as a heat source as well as for barbecues. Compared to a classic gas or charcoal grill, the garden fireplace has some advantages. So the smoke always pulls up instead of blowing in the face of the guests. The purchase of a garden fireplace can be both for homeowner with private garden as owners of allotments worthwhile.

A fireplace for all seasons

Once built, the garden fireplace is always ready to use. If a surprise visit, the barbecue does not have to be brought out of the cellar or shed first. It has its permanent place and allows a relaxed barbecue even in the rain. It is also advantageous that all utensils are always at hand. Storage areas for fuel, grill cutlery, crockery or drinks can be planned from the beginning. Grilling in strong wind is with a barbecue also no problem. The smoke is deliberately diverted upwards.

the garden fireplace is a fireplace for all seasons garden fireplaces

During the winter months the garden fireplace is available as a luxurious source of heat. So it can still sit comfortably with friends in the evening. Even in the snow it is a pleasure to relax with hot chestnuts and a glass of mulled wine in front of your own barbecue.

Important tips for installation

First of all, it is important to find the right place. The fireplace offers plenty of comfort but also needs some space in the garden. If possible, a fortified terrace floor should be created around the garden fireplace. It is also important that there is no tree above the chimney. As already mentioned, the smoke rises to the top where a strong heat can occur. So there is a risk that branches or whole tree parts wither.

Garden fireplaces are offered in various sizes and finishes , In the selection should be taken to ensure that the fireplace fits your own needs. Large fireplaces look very noble and elegant. However, this is often used only little, because the effort for one or two people is not worthwhile. With a grill that is too small, there is the problem that there is a jam with the tasting at larger parties. Due to the wide range, however, the right garden fireplace can be found for every need and requirement.

Are there any disadvantages

Since the garden fireplace is permanently installed, it can not be changed at will. In addition, depending on the city and municipality, there may be special regulations for the installation of garden fireplaces. Therefore, it is advisable to inquire in advance at the appropriate places.


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