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The geraniums – typical balcony flowers with charm

balcony plants red geranium window decoration brick facade

Geraniums – Fresh decoration in different colors and styles

Do you like plants? Then the accumulation of flowers and colors outside will give you huge joy! What do you say about the beautiful collection of flowers, which are the beautiful ones? geraniums to offer the eye? Among the flowers there are preferred plants and some even considered classic.


The geranium can be described as a classic flower. Surely you know well this garden flower, but still we want to tell you a few facts about it! At least you can enjoy the magnificent photos that we have collected for you in a beautiful picture gallery!

Embellish the garden with colorful plants and fancy flower pots

balcony plants geraniums cool flowerpot beautiful deco ideas

The red geraniums stand out wonderfully on this blue garden door

geranium red garden shape blue garden door

Wonderful purple geraniums make the garden shine

garden plants geraniums purple garden framing


Pelargonium with adorable coloring

garden plants geraniums white orange beautiful garden decor

The better known as geranium geranium is popular balcony and garden plant. The variety of colors in which it occurs, makes them particularly popular. Extremely questioned is the geranium in claret and the bicolor geranium. If you want to add color and mood to your balcony or garden throughout the summer, then these long-flowering flowers are perfect for it.

Combine stones and plants in the garden

balcony plants pelargoonia pink beautiful decoide stones

Decorate the garden in style with geraniums

framing geranium flowers purple garden

Plant the pelargonium in a fancy plant container

garden plants red geraniums fancy plant containers

The right soil and the right watering are important prerequisites for the long survival of the Pelargonium. Be careful not to select a wrong substrate. If the earth stops too much water, it damages the plants. That pelargoniums can get along without water for a short time, is their great advantage. The thick-meated hanging geraniums even have the ability to store water. This proves to be extremely beneficial when you are away from home for a long time, and can not care for the flowers. In reality, however, the geranium needs a lot of water, which makes daily watering compulsory. As far as their origin is concerned, Africa is officially named the home of most pelargoniums. In Central Europe some cultured species are encountered.

Pelargonium in dramatic color

geranium fancy coloring beautiful decoide garden

Sympathetic pelargonium flowers in white-blue

geranium fancy flowers blue white

Pelargonium is divided into several groups: the Pelargonium zonal hybrids, hanging geraniums and geraniums. What may be noted as an interesting fact about the last group is the following: The scent of the essential oils contained in glands in their leaves repels pests. Interesting, right? These oils are also taken from ingredients that are then used in cosmetics, gastronomy and medicine. The geranium has so many other uses, as the decorative function …

Enjoy a great aroma

geranium cosmetics application scented oils

Geranium in flowerpot

geranium flowerpot beautiful deco ideas

Combination of pelargonium and petunia

garden plants decoration ideas hanging geraniums and petunia

Bring color into your garden

garden plants geraniums purple garden shape deco ideas

The hanging geranium grows towards the ground

Gardening plants hanging geraniums garden decorating

Gentle white geraniums

garden plants white geraniums garden framing

Flowers in light pink

balcony plants geraniums balcony plants bedding pink flowers

Fascinating blue geranium flowers

garden plants geraniums blue garden plants deco ideas

Decorate the balcony

geranium flowerpot garden plant beautiful deco

The red Palargonie can be found on many balconies

balcony plants geraniums red beautiful decor garden plants

Fascinating soft radiance

garden plants garden beautify white geranium

Beautiful purple flowers refresh the exterior

garden plants geranium purple flowers balcony beautify


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