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The high quality choice for your kitchen: Granite kitchen sink

What to look for when choosing granite kitchen sinks?

Granite sinks are generally considered a high quality choice. Depending on the manufacturer and development, however, there are significant differences. There are several criteria by which you can distinguish the good ones from the worse ones. This is often reflected, but not always reflected in the price. In practice, this means that you should keep some essential questions in mind when buying expensive products.

Below are our references to it.

Quartz sand guarantees the robustness of the granite. This can be present to varying degrees. For the quality you need 80% or more. Only then will your granite sink be easy to clean and robust, rather than porous and brittle.

You have a great choice of granite sinks

fine grained surface

Gluing with acrylic quartz

The high-quality granite sinks will continue to be glued with acrylic quartz. This too is an important prerequisite for keeping it very robust.

For the production of granite sinks, some companies are developing technologies for sanitary ware. The often higher price is worth it because of the ease of care.

On the one hand, such a sink looks super hygienic and this is indeed clean and therefore safe for the health of consumers.

The granite sinks are above all high quality

dertail granite kitchen sink

Antibacterial surface treatment

The development of harmful bacteria is a major problem in kitchen worktops. Special surface treatment helps to avoid bad results. Carefully read the product description to see if this step was envisaged during manufacture.

Handle the surface of the sink very carefully

granite surface treatment and care


Resistance to heat

In a high quality processed granite sink, it would be no problem to turn off a hot pan. The good products could remain undamaged at a temperature of over 250 degrees. Ask the manufacturer if he can guarantee that!

Decide on the luxurious choice

gray color of kitchen sink

With the fine-grained surfaces you have the choice among several classic colors

The granite sinks can be immediately distinguished when touched. Run your fingers over it and you will immediately feel the fine-grained texture. Qualitative manufacturers of granite sinks are always investing in developing new color offerings. They would have to have several classic shades to choose from, which can be well combined with the equally varied fittings.

You have the choice to have a personalized draft

qualitative granite sinks

Perfect care for the granite sinks

The care of the high quality granite sinks is not very big, but it has to be done regularly. This is the only way to enjoy the excellent properties of the product for a longer time. There are some special features to note.

Elegance and stability in one

Acrylic bonding with granite

What should you avoid?

Under no circumstances may you scrub the sink with the sponge. Never clean with aggressive alkaline liquids. Such are e.g. the strong ammonia or the caustic soda solutions.

All abrasives must be avoided.

Attractive colors are also available

combinations of granite sinks

That’s what daily care should look like

Simply clean with a nylon brush and soapy water. Brush with circular motions and rinse thoroughly. Then dry to avoid streaking.

Take care of the care

Granite sink in the kitchen

If there are still stains …

When stains occur, they are usually the result of poorly-cleaned water remnants. Remove these through the procedures and means we have just recommended for your daily care.

Of particular importance is the daily care of the granite

granite kitchen sink

sink granite dark nuances

The black color is a classic

3d concept black color granite sink

The design of your kitchen should be well combined with the granite sink

sink for the kitchen

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