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The latest ideas for your living room furniture

The living room is the heart of every apartment, where very different functions and needs meet. For the living room furniture, we have selected the latest trends and decorating ideas that make the living room a place to hang out.

The living room furniture depends on the individual tastes and personal preferences of the homeowner and our selection includes very attractive furnishing elements, which are a combination of retro and vintage style. These trends have their own peculiarities that exude a touch of elegance. In addition, we would like to introduce our current favorites in terms of living room styling.


Ideally, the center of the living room furniture must appear very elegant. For this reason, the classic design is recommended. The vintage sofas are perfect for this and their stylish look emphasizes the elegance of classic pieces of furniture. The color of the sofa usually has to be adapted to the overall design of the living room. The eye-catching furniture is the perfect choice for the well-being effect in the living room. In addition, you could combine the classic sofa with accessories such as chandeliers, which are suitable for the selected style of the living room furniture.

sofa 3-seater design


Coffee table made of pallets

The coffee table usually offers many benefits in the living room. This exhibition space offers the opportunity to put magazines, books and accessories on it. The coffee tables made of pallets have been particularly popular for years. Typical of this type of table is the total of three glass plates to improve flexibility and functionality. A long glass top and two smaller ones below provide the maximum space for your accessories.


Coffee table on rolls of pallets


The bad order in the living room can spoil the look of the whole room. But the shelf in industrial look is a real eye-catcher. The elegant and round shape of the shelf serves as a creative decoration in the room. Position the shelf strategically in the living room so that the accent pieces, books or floral arrangements catch your eye. However, the open shelves are a matter of taste. For example, a wonderful idea is that your book collection instantly gets a high decorative value. The bookshelf should ultimately look like a work of art. As a shelf decoration, the designers recommend small decorative sculptures that correspond perfectly with other shapes in the room. You then have the opportunity to demonstrate a colorful palette based on your favorite books.

shelf bookshelf with round shape


The absolute design classic in the living room furniture is certainly the arc lamp. It has been a real highlight in every design for years. This type of lamp is the answer to the question: what does a lamp look like that gives the direct light of a ceiling lamp without having to drill a hole in the ceiling? The design is unique and has long been one of the classics of Italian interior design. The arc lamp is now no longer considered a practical item, but one of the most elegant decorative elements dar. These lamps are among the designs in industrial style and are available in different colors and shapes. And this quickly creates a modern and stylish living room.

arc lamp for the modern living room furniture

wall clock

The classic wall clock has long been part of modern wall design. It inspires every new generation of designers to create new creations and brings unusual ideas to your home. Just like ornate picture frames or art prints, wall clocks are the stylish decoration of any room. The square wooden clocks find a suitable place in all rooms due to their timeless and tasteful appearance. The design of wood has a natural look.

wooden wall clock

The stylish pieces of furniture bring harmony and cosiness to the living room and make it a place we like to stay. For example, you will find a wide selection of the latest and most exclusive trends , Just be inspired by the “jewels” that are currently very trendy and in demand. Try to live future-oriented, according to your own wishes and create a new harmony in the living room.


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