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The latest trend for your home – decoration with umbrellas

AndersThe rainy weather in Germany makes every year for the purchase of millions of umbrellas and the old ones are simply thrown away. Reuse of broken and old umbrellas is a foreign topic for many homeowners.

That’s why we show you our creative ideas for decoration in interior design.

Like almost every type of decoration, the umbrellas are of great interest worldwide. This interior design is especially popular in Germany and England. Different uses and different shapes are considered numerous and even in the garden design you can see the decorative ones Insert umbrellas ,

Decoration with umbrellas can be made very different and individualized to your own taste. For example, you can either use only an umbrella or more than 10. The single item is often positioned on the front door and filled with attractive flowers. Or, better said, the umbrella looks like a chic bouquet of flowers and creates a welcoming atmosphere right from the front door. For this you can arrange the bouquet, or the umbrella, with artificial flowers, which ensure a permanent decoration without loss of color.

Creativity and originality in one


Another application of the decoration is the kitchen. As a table decoration, an attractive umbrella is very good and enhances the entire space positively. It is important that you design a suitable color combination. Of great importance is that the umbrella is open and a straight line position is a must for decoration.

Today, many homeowners also put a lot of value on the original umbrella stands with exuberant shapes. Various Designs can be found here ,

Very often umbrellas are used for the decoration of various events. The reason for this is that this type of design seems very creative and trendy and becomes an eye-catcher. Example of the decoration with umbrellas are the weddings. For this you need, for example, white umbrellas with an elegant shape. Usually every table needs a white umbrella. Position the decorative pieces exactly in the middle of the table and ensure optimum stability.

White umbrellas enhance each room positively

of ideas interior design

Umbrellas are also perfect for hanging and floor lamps. Ikea has created a concept that has inspired many designers today. The project is simply a hanging lamp in the form of an umbrella. It does not sound so creative, but the end result has a unique lighting design. You can make such a piece of work yourself, because you only need a light bulb with socket and a cable. The design of the umbrella can be made to your own taste. First, think about whether you would rather like a floor or hanging lamp. The following two pictures illustrate the two possibilities very well.

The concept of Ikea for hanging lamp


Making a floor lamp yourself is an easy DIY project


In other words, it is an untypical decoration for any occasion, that of unused umbrellas can be tinkered. In a few minutes you have the chance to create a completely new interior design in your home. Do not miss this chance and also look at our selected ideas in the following picture gallery.

Design your front door with artificial flowers to your own taste


Umbrellas are among the most popular decoration ideas

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