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The matching cloth napkins for every table and occasion

When it comes to table decoration and napkin folding, more and more simple rules apply. You can replace the elaborate shapes with less complicated ones and still create an effect of luxury and sophisticated ambience. This is only achieved if you know the rules of behavior at the table. Then you can interpret them in a new, modern and simpler way.

Paper or cloth napkins

The choice between cloth and paper napkins is traditionally based on the level of formalism. The first are intended for official events and the second – for informal meetings. A great example are the wedding parties. If you want to reach an upscale atmosphere at a wedding party, for example, when you are indoors in a restaurant in winter, then opt for cloth napkins. On the other hand, if you organize an informal-looking party out in the garden, then opt for the paper napkins.

Choose the type of napkins to your taste

finer materials than decoration

Paper napkins are always used when food is offered that can be eaten with your hands.

As already mentioned, the cloth napkins are used on more informal occasions. We have more freedom in terms of colors, patterns and decoration. Here we come again in our today’s article to speak.

The paper napkins are now also a choice that has something to do with the environmental awareness. They can be reprocessed or created from recycled materials. Paper napkins, on the other hand, are mostly made of materials that release the many toxins, water and harmful emissions.

The beautiful cloth napkins are considered very luxurious

pattern of paper napkins

Materials for the cloth napkins

What material should the cloth napkins be made of? It would have to be both noble and practical. The cloth napkins should be able to absorb both fat and moisture well. The natural substances are therefore the best possible choice. Linen or cotton are the most preferred.

The finer materials are better for official occasions. They are characterized by beautiful material, uniform texture, fine workmanship and interesting design. Their big disadvantage is that they often have to be washed and ironed carefully. But they get a luxurious look.

Enjoy the great and colorful cloth napkins

Elegant napkins and shapes in orange

Shape and size of the cloth napkins

The simple paper napkins are square, sometimes they can be long rectangular. Depending on the occasion, you need different sizes according to the label. Most of these are given in inches, but we try to give them to you in about inches.

Size of the cloth napkins for different occasions at a glance:

  • Official dinner – square, 55- 56 cm;
  • Official occasions with a buffet – medium sized napkins, square, 46- 61 cm or long rectangular – 30 x 56 cm;
  • Informal dinner – medium napkins, square 46 – 51 cm;
  • Lunch – official and informal – small square napkins – between 36 and 41 cm;
  • Tea Party – Small Square Napkins – 31 cm;
  • Cocktails – many small napkins, between 20 and 25 cm, long rectangular – 10 x 15 or 15 x 20.

If the napkin is big, it can be folded in half. If she is small, she can be completely unfolded.

The shape of the napkin could correspond to that of the table. With modern concepts for table decoration you even go one step further and create contrasts between fabric napkins and table decoration.

Pay attention to the special occasion

perfect for every occasion

Color and design of the cloth napkins

For official occasions, the colors of the tablecloth and cloth napkins should be the same. Mostly therefore single-color variants are selected. The more modern variation of this rule would be to pick different nuances of the same color. The two shades really only have to differ very little from each other.

The noble cloth napkins have an edge and a thin brodierten strip on the inside part.

The color plays an important role in the table decoration

napkins with shapes of orange

Color of cloth napkins on informal occasions

At informal occasions, you can afford different forms of cloth napkins and tablecloths. But there are still some rules that must be followed.

The cloth napkins should therefore correspond with the environment to the room design. Depending on the case, you can pick up the color from the background or this from the accessories. The second variant is preferred more often. The guiding principles in this case are the usual rules of design.

Be particularly creative in the selection

designs and ideas paper napkins

The napkins can also be selected in accordance with the season or theme of the event. Especially in modern seamless designs, this is a very successful approach. Through this you can make the natural environment in the interior atmosphere stronger or let the mood of a certain celebration dominate.

According to the etiquette, on an official occasion, all napkins should be the same in shape and color. This rule can be broken in some cases. At larger events, you can differentiate the different zones in a wide room from each other. For example, For example, napkins that are more in the entertainment zone (at a wedding, for example) may be made in different colors and shapes than the rest. It is important here that both variants make up a harmonious combination. By no means must the napkins of guests unofficial or simply work. Everyone present must feel honored.

Your guests will surely be surprised

fabric svietten colors and shapes

Use of paper napkins

Here is an overview of the rules that apply when using paper napkins:

  • You must use the paper napkins, otherwise you will show bad education;
  • One folds the paper napkin only after the host;
  • The paper napkin needs to be folded if it is too big for your lap;
  • Fold the napkin with gentle and elegant movements;
  • When getting up, whether briefly or when leaving the event, the napkin is left on the table (to the left of the plate);
  • The place for the napkin is on the lap. (Exceptions are some special local traditions, mostly in Italy.)

Pay attention to the correct use of the napkins

creative shapes and colors

Extra tip

Finally, we would like to give you an important tip. If you buy napkins, you will not get exactly 12 pieces. Add a few extra. Some may be dirty or otherwise damaged. Reserves will be very useful in this case.

You must use the paper napkins, otherwise you will show bad behavior at the table

Materials for the napkins are very important

Selection of fabric napkins

flowers decoration for napkins

creative and elegant shapes

paper napkins are perfect for any occasion

cloth napkins as decoration

cloth napkins with elegant colors

different design of napkins

different shapes and designs


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