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The Murano glass – refined elegance from ancient times

murano glass burning oven traditional art

Where is the secret of Murano glass hidden?

Fragile and delicate, but incomparably elegant and graceful – the Murano glass. Nowadays, in times of lightning fast production and inexhaustible consumption, the use of this material is even more necessary than it used to be, especially when it comes to sustainability and a clean environment.

It is no longer a secret that the world ruler – the plastic – causes significant damage to human health, as well as to animals. Especially when it comes to containers for our food, thank God there are other alternatives. One of the healthiest is the glass.

Today we focus on one of the finest and most expensive types of glass that comes from ancient times – the Murano glass. It was named after the island town of Murano, which extends on seven small islands and is very close to Venice.

Nostalgic panorama of Murano

Murano glass small islands city Venice

In 1291 all glassmakers from Venice were called to Murano because the authorities were afraid of big fires. So the little town slowly became very famous and animated. Initially, mainly glass beads and mirrors were produced there. Later, Murano made beautiful chandeliers that became popular and popular throughout Europe. For centuries, glassmakers from Murano have kept a monopoly on glass production. Despite the danger of the death penalty, some of the glassmakers emigrated at the end of the 16th century and the secret of glass production became known in other European countries as well. Thus, the Venice Republic has lost its glass monopoly and thus also the revenue decreased.

Clever craftsmanship and attention to detail

murano glass venice tradition

Nevertheless, the old techniques and methods of glassmaking are well preserved and today’s glassmakers work just as they did hundreds of years ago. The main types of glass from Murano are the optically clear glass, the glazed glass (smalto), the glass with gold threads (aventurine), the multi-colored glass (millefiori), the frosted glass (lattimo) and the glass that imitates precious stones.

The glass processing requires a lot of patience and commitment

murano glass art vases manufacture

The Murano glass consists of 70% quartz sand and 30% other substances called fluxes and stabilizers. The fluxes ensure that the glass can be molded at a lower temperature and the stabilizers are responsible for ensuring that the glass does not dissolve in water. In principle, the Murano glass is transparent. The beautiful colors are achieved by adding minerals, oxides and various chemicals.

It is often said that the beauty of Murano glass is hidden in Murano magic

murano glass ornate wall plate wall decoration

If you go to Murano, do not miss the Museum of Glass. It is located in the Palazzo Giustinian and houses a rich collection of many artefacts from the history of glassmaking.

On Murano you can find some of the most famous glass brands – companies like Venini, Ferro Murano, Barovier & Toso, Simone Cenedese and Seguso. They all have the special trademark of Murano glass, which is intended to preserve the authenticity of this glass.

So, if you see the authentic sign of Murano glass on the goods you want, you can also be sure that you are holding a piece of centuries-old history and tradition in your hands.

Discover your very special piece and be amazed!

Ancient methods – timeless beauty

murano glass burning oven traditional art

The glass mass is shaped with love in beautiful pieces

murano glass long tradition art

Even the smallest details become terrific

murano glass traditional handmade detail

Fragile festival of colors

murano glass art vases traditional venice

The imagination and creativity are no limits

murano glass artwork handmade vase

Such antiques can be seen in the Glass Museum in Murano

murano glass museum antique glass art

The world famous Murano glass chandeliers

murano glass traditional chandelier venice

And their interpretation today

murano glass modern chandelier vetrilamp

Imaginative creation of fine glass

murano glass venetian art

Numerous pieces of jewelery are made on Murano

murano glass venetian art necklaces jewelry

Anais Mela – the modern lighting idea from Voltolina

murano glass modern lights anais mela voltolina


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