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The patchwork fabric will spice up your interior design

patchwork fabric fancy throw pillow beautiful living ideas

The patchwork fabric and its role in the interior design

What is patchwork? Of different, colorful fabrics, the term comes. Because it is about hand made works. In which substances of different types are sewn together in a common piece. At first glance, this technique seems too complicated for some people.

In some people, in turn, it gives rise to distrust, because it seems far too arbitrary.

The fancy sofa in the living room will draw everyone’s attention

patchwork fabric great sofa living room interior design

But if you learn how to handle these prejudices correctly, then you might be out of one patchwork material Create something very interesting for your home. Bright objects in patchwork style can decorate any interior design.

Patchwork living room carpet

patchwork fabrics home living room carpet

Colorful throw pillows make the interior design fresher

patchwork fabrics throw pillow beautiful deco ideas

Blankets for the living room or bedroom

That would be the first option. You could decorate the sleeping or the sofa in the living room with a great blanket. For example, to avoid taking any risks, you could first present the idea on paper. It’s best to do this in real size. Then you could try before seeing how the whole thing will work.

Combining patchwork quilt and patchwork throw pillows would not be a bad idea

patchwork fabrics living room recreation corner blanket throw pillow

Patchwork blanket in the bedroom

patchwork fabrics bedroom ceiling colored interior design

If the work is successful, it could probably serve as decoration somewhere. You would not necessarily have to do this preliminary work. All you have to do is imagine the result of this patchwork. So you will be sure that the results will be good.

Two-sided blanket

patchwork fabric beautiful blanket bedroom

The selection of patchwork fabrics

In the first step, even before laying out the paper model, you would, of course, have chosen the patchwork fabrics. Everything here is related to your imagination. The different pieces could be completely different. But they could possibly have many common elements. Both options are equally allowed.

Combine fresh patterns together

beautiful home decorating patchwork fabrics


It is important to know about the patchwork fabrics that the different pieces can differ a lot from each other. The classic choice would be the rectangular one. But you could definitely opt for a triangle. The latter is only up to your taste. In the process of manufacturing the patchwork fabrics would then have to be sewn together. Then you would have to iron them from the back. The ends could provide you with a degree that could also be petite. Think of foam for example.

Patchwork armchair

patchwork fabric fancy sofa interior design

The patchwork armchair can also look very elegant

patchwork fabric armchair beautiful living ideas

Triangles pattern

throw pillow beautiful deco ideas patchwork fabrics interior design

What can you do with the patchwork?

Blankets made of patchwork fabrics are what we said immediately. They are also quite popular and modern. The blankets could even have a dual purpose. Of course, you could cover yourself with that. At the same time, they would serve as a great decoration. If we are currently at Deko, then this may possibly also be represented in the room in other places and in other dimensions. These could also be great fun pillows for the sofa or the chairs in all sorts of rooms. In all cases, they will bring a lot of good moods.

Use the same pattern for the blanket and throw pillows

patchwork fabric living room throw pillow blanket elegant sofa

Remember that the work on the other sides of the cushions can be different each time. You can then adapt them to different interior designs. With different patterns, the decorative pillows with patchwork motifs might even fit well in different rooms.

Two-sided throw pillows are handy

patchwork fabrics throw pillow two-sided fresh pattern

In applied variants, one manages to mix the classic sewing patterns with patchwork patterns. In many cases, you could also attach great applications. Also, add great design elements.

Where else can you apply patchwork?

Actually, everywhere you can attach patchwork. Everything is currently related to your mood and attitude. You can design whole pieces of furniture with it. In other cases, you could make a meal more fun with matching cup covers and napkins.

Great patchwork bag

patchwork fabrics use original bag

Stylish patchwork living room rug

patchwork fabrics colorful carpet beautiful living ideas

A gorgeous patchwork stool

patchwork fabric comfortable colored stool

The patchwork carpet fits perfectly into the living room interior

patchwork fabrics living room interior throw pillows

Patchwork Throw Pillow Covers where you have combined polka dot, floral and plaid patterns

patchwork fabrics throws dots checkered floral elements

Use different fabrics for patchwork work

patchwork fabrics beautiful home decor throw pillows

Throw pillows are a great idea for your home

patchwork fabric fresh throw pillow deco ideas

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