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The perfect place card for the wedding

Wedding Organization – A difficult and time-consuming task that should ultimately be fulfilled to the last detail. When it comes to wedding cards, you need a precise idea of ​​it and a lot of creativity. More and more guests these days place a high value on these place cards, which ensure a good start to the event. When sitting down, your guests should feel a welcoming and stylish atmosphere. How to achieve this effect very easily is explained in the following paragraphs.

Compared to past years, our editorial team has to realize that nowadays the number of creative ideas for stylish place cards has risen significantly. Of course, there are many news and ideas that will be up to date for 2018 as well.

If you want to save the cost of the place cards, then we have a tip for you. Invite your friends for a craft round and make the place cards to your own taste. Before you start the crafting, we have some creative DIY ideas for you.

Creative place cards make for a welcoming atmosphere

deco pumpkin in silver

Name card design

First, you should carefully design a small name card for each guest. Be very careful about this step and write the name correctly. The card should probably be crafted from Tonkarton and an alternative is also a folding card with the unibody name. Particularly important is the font and its color.


Write the names in large letters and in an elegant font. The color you choose to your own taste. The gold script is considered a universal idea for this type of decorations. The placecard can then be positioned on the plate, making it very visible to all guests. So you will also significantly improve the organizational process.

Carefully craft the name cards

name card creative decoration


When the creative name card is done, the original decoration remains as a last step. A wide range of ideas will help you very much. As a table-top stand you can use many decorative elements that represent a unique look. The most popular table-top stand is the decorative pumpkin. The name cards are then positioned on the decoration element. The decorative pumpkin can be designed in various attractive colors such as gold and silver and carefully positioned in the center of the plate. You can also use decorative napkins instead of plates.

Original place cards made of decorative pumpkin

deco pumpkin orange wedding

If the wedding is in autumn or winter, then you can also make a seasonally creative decoration. The autumnal decorative elements include the beautiful orange leaf shapes. Their advantage is that these leaf shapes can also be used as name cards as soon as the name is sufficiently visible. As a winter alternative, the pine cones are very good, because the name card fits perfectly on this decorative piece. A color design is not necessary in this case.

The leaf shapes can also be used as name cards

leaf shapes as a name card

Citrus fruits, autumn flowers and dark blue lavender are among the large selection of creative table stands. Choose a decoration to your own taste. The following picture gallery consists of the latest ideas from this year. Scroll down and enjoy the beautiful pictures!

Beautiful place to tinker yourself is fun

attractive shapes

Write the names of the guests very carefully and correctly

leaf forms with names

cool wedding decorations

Deco pumpkin in white decoration wedding decoration white wedding decorative pumpkin wedding fresh decoration place card
wedding decoration design wedding decoration shapes wedding decoration name card wedding decoration place card
wooden decoration wedding pumpkin in gold lavender as a deco name card leaf name cards purple name card place card namesnkarten as a deco Place cards decoration place cards ideas beautiful leafy shape beautiful lettering wedding name card Pinecone deco wedding plate decoration

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