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The picnic blanket – fresh patterns for happy time outdoors

picnic blanket checkered red white

The picnic blanket and everything on it

Soon the warm days come again and you should be well prepared for a picnic trip. Because you should not miss a single suitable occasion to enjoy the beautiful, sunny weather outside. You can do that picnic blanket yes stretch out virtually anywhere.

It’s in the park, on the lake, even on the beach.

Checkered blanket for a picnic with a fringe

picnic blanket pattern fringe eating nature

Fresh pattern of a blanket for a picnic

picnic blanket fresh pattern grass nature

Blanket in blue shades

nature enjoy leisure picnic blanket blue shades

The function of picnic blanket

If you are outdoors, replace the picnic blanket so some functional items that you could use at home. That’s why some picnic blankets should actually be chosen. One is good for sitting. This can be a bit smaller, but very comfortable … You should really consider whether you are more likely to sit or lie down. That would be the decisive criterion.

Enjoy the nature

picnic nature trip outdoor sunset

For romantic moments

picnic leisure enjoy wine romantic

A blanket for a picnic should also be there to spread the food on it. This should be easy to clean and should be isolated from dirt as much as possible. This means in concrete terms that the soil, the grass or maybe even the sand should not get through them.

Colorful pattern

picnic rug pattern colored alive

Black and white pattern with green stripes

picnic blanket fresh pattern white black green stripes

Determine the place of your picnic

So for the selection would be the right one picnic blanket and the other items you’ll need to help, if you have an idea of ​​where you usually go for a picnic. Go to a river, a meadow or a place specially set up for this purpose. From a practical point of view you should be able to find a parking space nearby. So you do not have to drag a basket over many kilometers.

Funny blanket and balloons

picnic colored blanket of green lawn

The food

On the blanket for a picnic as I said the food. Let’s stay a little bit at this point too. Here are two main options. Either prepare the food there or you carry the products fresh and then drag along a barbecue. But think carefully, if the too big load would not spoil your fun in the end.

Elegant plain blanket

picnic blanket picnic basket trip free


Of course, barbecuing does not just mean roasting meat. No, it’s also vegetarian and vegan. Very delicious are the baked cheeses and the vegetables. Be tolerant. If you eat meat, first grill the vegan and vegetarian things. As a vegetarian, you should not spoil the fun of others with lessons. If you find meat eaters so bad, then just choose another company. You could also grill the things on real fire. But it may not be allowed or even very dangerous in the particular area.

In good weather, an outdoor trip is a good decision

picnic blanket design food wine nature

Interesting geometric figures in stark colors

picnic blanket pattern zig zag red blue

Disposable is not the same as disposable

Sure, it’s understandable that you prefer disposable crockery, because this is much easier. But take the firmer variants, which do not deform so easily.

Decorate with flowers

picnic blanket pattern patchwork design


Unfortunately, modern people desperately need help with socialization. Take a survey of the interests of the people around you. Take or organize a take away of different stuff, so that you all have a nice time at the end. Take pictures too. These warm memories will keep you warm in winter.

Enjoy the free time together

pichnick summer nature enjoying picnic rug

You can also read a book

picnic blanket design fresh leisure grass

Stylish design

picnic blanket enjoy nature leisure

Ceiling pattern with a combination of brown and green stripes

picnic rug picnic basket food drink nature

Vibrant stripes pattern

picnic nice weather food nature

Match the blanket to the picnic basket

picnic blanket basket green lawn

Some people celebrate their wedding on picnic blankets …

picnic blanket colored pattern wedding celebrate


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