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The stable kitchen equipment: concrete worktop

The stable kitchen equipment: concrete worktop

The concrete worktops are a popular choice because of their robustness. You can successfully face the many challenges in the kitchen. Neither the hot accessories, nor the sharp knives or heavy objects become a problem. Concrete countertops can also be made to order, meaning they fit into any kitchen.

Stability of concrete worktops

Before we move on to design issues, we would like to draw your attention to the constructive side of the question. The sturdy material is quite heavy and therefore you should only attach it over a very stable base. Serious and professional work on the substructures is considered an absolute prerequisite for the successful installation and safety of concrete kitchen worktops.

The kitchen tops have a solid base

Concrete surface kitchen equipment

Care and hygiene

The care and hygiene are the other important practical issues that we should all ask ourselves before choosing a kitchen worktop. In the case of concrete, a surface treatment is absolutely necessary. Abraded and polished, it is no longer porous and therefore easy to clean. In between you have to additionally seal your concrete worktops.

You can do this with natural wax or agents with similar properties. Sealing with synthetic agents would be another way that makes concrete countertops even easier to care for, because it protects them from stains. However, some health experts are against it. The regular cleaning and sealing with natural remedies is much healthier, because the food comes into contact with it. The artificial material would then partially get into our bodies.

These types of countertops are particularly easy to maintain

Detail of the concrete worktop

Individualization of concrete worktops

In itself, concrete is an industrial material and thus fits interior design concepts that aim for robust charm. However, thanks to the new processing technologies, there is plenty of room for customization. You can create the concrete countertop in different colors, finishes, sizes and shapes. As a result, the concrete worktop can also register well in completely different furnishing concepts.

Design ideas with concrete worktops

Modern colors for the concrete worktops

Which colors are modern and feasible for concrete worktops? You get them for example in the universal gray, white, brown. For more dynamics and warmth, however, you can take one of Orange’s many nuances.

For more peace and openness, you can opt for blue instead. Also this color is available in many different variants. A feminine, or very inviting character you can reach through one of the many designer purple colors.

Combine different colors for the concrete countertops

combination of concrete and wood

Imitation of other textures

In the surface treatment of concrete work surfaces, however, the achievement of various, almost infinite, even natural phenomena is possible. For example, Imitation of the glass or different natural stone textures would be possible. Popular at the moment are the terrazzo looks. You could, for example, correspond to tiles of the same type. Depending on the craftsmanship you can achieve, for example, a completely smooth or rough surface texture.

The imitation ensures a natural appearance

different textures and imitations of concrete

What is currently very modern?

In addition to the terrazzo look just mentioned, there are other current trends in concrete countertops. Imitations of natural materials are, as already said, very popular. The clean, seamless, minimalist appearance is also hip. It works well together with the modern and often used stainless steel kitchen equipment.

The concrete countertops are the perfect alternative for minimalism

robustness and stability of a concrete countertop


The concrete worktop chosen until a few years ago, above all because of its robustness, can now also be chosen for the kitchen for aesthetic reasons. The advancement in surface treatment allows imitation of other popular materials and textures.

Special attention is required during installation. Because of the heavy load of concrete countertops you need very stable substructures. The cost of their installation is perceived by some consumers and in certain special cases as a disadvantage.

As such, the need for regular surface treatment is often referred to. Concrete is porous and if it is not sanded, polished and regularly sealed, it will cause visible pollution and hygiene problems.

You should be extra careful with the installation

Concrete design countertop

Remember the hygiene and care of the worktops

countertops made of concrete kitchens

Decorate the concrete countertops with the appropriate color

concrete as kitchen design

The combination between wood and concrete is especially topical

Concrete design countertops

Stability and functionality in one

Individualization of concrete worktops

The concrete countertops are part of the serious and professional work in the kitchen

perfect look of concrete kitchen design

Create an individual design

perfect edges and optics of betob

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