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The time has come for an elegant wall paint – Mint color

Fresh and vivid colors are considered the best alternative to the eye-catching nuances that provide a luxurious look. In this article, our editorial team would like to introduce a minimalist wall color that is very different from all neutral nuances – the Mint color. Designers chose this color palette as a perfection that guarantees comfort and happiness. So when the time comes for a new wall paint, this soft and full of character nuance is best for a new room look. Learn why the Mint color is so popular in 2018!

The fact is that a huge number of design lovers love the mint green interior. The color is fresh and can be perfectly combined with white decorative elements. The good news is that the pastel shades give each room a minimalist look while providing a lively atmosphere. Similar to the green wall paint, the mint color looks energetic. Compared to traditional nuances, it can only deliver perfection with the help of small elements. Geometric figures are a good example of the consistent color palette in your room. According to statistics, the mint color can be intimidating in the first few days. One reason for this is the constant change in color, which depends on the lighting design. Find out more about this interesting combination in the next paragraph.

Create a visual balance in the room

mint color wall design pastel colors

Why is the lighting design so important to the Mint color?

As you already know, all color palettes have their strengths and weaknesses. Our goal is to get the most out of the Mint color to create a unique design. In a well-lit room, the mint color can unfold its potential very well. So keep the nuance fresh and stylish.

When it comes to making your room look fresh, do not forget the importance of natural light. Large or floor-to-ceiling windows provide the desired pastel look that provides the unique look. Your wall design in the living room could also be of an artificial lighting design such as LED benefit. It is important that you organize an optimal light level, which can be combined beautifully with the Mint color.

High windows create a beautiful light level

How do you create a visual balance?

The mint color creates an extraordinary atmosphere, but it also influences the sense of space atypically. Once you have set the right lighting design in the room, you can also think of possible colors that can be combined well. It’s not just about wall paints, but also about the selection of furniture and artwork. A good example is the dark green sofa, because the combination of mint green with darker shades could only bring positive aspects.

Mint color can be well combined with natural lighting design

Design ideas colors


Contrasting accents in turquoise are perfect for the mint color, because the two shades are very similar and very fresh. The decorating idea with turquoise and mint creates the visual balance and plays an important role in the harmony and balance in your room.

Be inspired by our picture gallery and choose a design that will ensure your harmonious interior design!

Harmonious sheep room design

Mint color design concept

mint color

Mint Interior – The Trend for 2018

mint color (3) mint color tdesign

The perfect wall paint for every room. The kids will love it!

Mint color trends mint color

Mint color provides a beautiful look, right?

Mint color design tips

mint color appearance wall

The natural light design creates a lively atmosphere! Together with the Mint color of course!

mint color (9)

realistic shape

Take advantage of the strengths of this color palette

mint color color design

mint color interior design ideas

Refreshing and harmonious

mint color color design

Mint color wall uniform

Elegant trial and error with pastel colors

color design to create realistic shape

Decoration design interior decoration

Minimalist and calming atmosphere

mint color dreamlike design Mint color uniform

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