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The wallpaper pattern by Studio Ditte – inspiration for the walls

wallpaper pattern studio ditte kitchen wall design

Discover the wallpaper patterns from Studio Ditte

As a child in your class, did you have the tradition of exchanging magazines in which a dedication had to be left? Many have chosen to put a nice picture on it instead of a poem or something else. From this kind of tradition the designers of Studio Ditte to have been inspired.

The Wallpaper pattern show a retro character and could put most of us back in this epoch. Volumes, doves, girls with braids, cups with flowers, many different patterns. In any room you can create a nostalgic and, to a certain extent, romantic mood.

Funny pattern with utensils

wallpaper pattern studio ditte fresh wall design

The vintage wallpapers by Studio Ditte are inspiring

wallpaper pattern studio ditte retro look wall design

Bring floral motifs to the wall

wallpaper pattern studio ditte floral retro fresh

Wallpapers like porcelain

Actually, Studio Ditte plays with our consciousness and our memories. The allusions are subtle and take a variety of paths. In a sense, the design of these wallpaper patterns seems so exciting because they somehow do not belong here. These are typical pictures that would have to come on porcelain. There they would seem almost banal. But who would expect her on the wall?

A delightful combination of rustic table and plate pattern

pattern wallpaper studio ditte plate

Match the wallpaper pattern to the sheets

wallpaper pattern studio ditte plate

Wallpaper with cottage and buttons

It is synonymous with some wallpaper patterns by Studio Ditte with 3D. But you do not use complicated effects that can be created with the latest technologies. Instead, you bring real sculptures to the wall. These include, among other things, super original ideas, such as these, to install real bird houses even a figure of their small inhabitants. In another model you have many different figures that look like big buttons, attached to the wallpaper.

A gorgeous wallpaper pattern with huge buttons

pattern wallpaper studio ditte buttons

The bird-cottage pattern combines beautifully with the decoration on the side table

pattern wallpaper studio ditte birdhouse bedroom walls

Why are Studio Ditte pattern wallpapers so popular?

The ideas of Studio-Ditte and their popularity make us wonder why such designs are so popular. What does such a tendency say about the preferences of modern humans? You need and always look for the surprise effect. You also want to get a story told, a conversation piece. The wallpaper and any objects of this company have so much to offer in this regard. They either bring us back to old memories or make contact with other cultures and even fantasy worlds. The people behind the studio say they do not believe in philosophical or designer movements, but in people and their emotions, aspirations, desires.

For the nursery this would be a great selection for the wall design

pattern wallpaper studio ditte indian

The wallpaper pattern represents a harmonious family portrait

wallpaper pattern studio ditte family original

Motifs from the fairy tales

wallpaper pattern studio ditte vintage walls disguise

Wall wallpaper mimicking the tile look

wallpaper pattern studio ditte tiles look

The boys will fall in love with this wallpaper

wallpaper pattern studio ditte children coffer cars

Fresh colored stripes

wallpaper pattern studio ditte stripes colored

Through such a wallpaper you can achieve a fresh and lively wall design

wallpaper pattern studio ditte retro style

This wallpaper pattern inspires you to dream!

wallpaper pattern studio ditte retro look walls design


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