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The wicker basket and its versatile use in the interior

The wicker basket has a rustic charm, but this can also be a modern addition to your home. The wicker baskets have an enormous application in the interior. Today you can see some of them.

The wicker basket as a valuable decoration for home and garden

furnishing tips wicker basket deco ideas diy ideas

The wicker basket and its practical use

The wicker baskets are an inseparable part of the house rules. Take those with a rectangular shape and use them as drawers for various shelves and cabinets. These are perfect for storing knitwear, slippers and odds and ends that otherwise only collect dust on shelves.

Tip: If you have vintage furniture, the wicker basket is the ideal solution to spice things up a bit. But if you have a modern furnished apartment, this will provide a charming accent and give the ambience cosiness.

Spice up the wicker baskets for the nursery

nursery ideas wicker basket with lid deco ideas

The wicker basket and its multifunctionality

The large and oval wicker baskets can also be used as a toy box or as a laundry basket.

The good thing about these is that they really have versatile uses. A wicker basket can be used differently depending on your needs. This almost rules out the possibility that this is unused and disturbing in a corner. Rather, you will find a new mission than to throw it away.

The wicker basket could also use your pet. This can quickly turn into a crib for your four-legged friend. Cats and dogs will feel very comfortable in an oval wicker basket with a pillow and will always retreat to take a nap.

Beautiful flowerpots for inside and outside

vintage decoids wicker basket large

In the garden, the wicker basket can take on the role of a toolbox or become a beautiful flower pot. The wicker basket is also indispensable for a romantic picnic. Put the food and drinks in it and you can easily transport them.

Now you have some ideas for using the wicker basket. We are sure you will find your own commitment and personal use. Take a look at our picture gallery and be inspired by the visual effect.

A good storage for blankets

wicker basket around deco ideas furnishing ideas

Perfect for the vegetables

vegetables store wicker basket furnishing tips

Can also be used in the office

office furniture wicker basket decorating furnishing tips

A great vertical garden

diy ideas wicker basket deco ideas

Hide and save the shoes in a nice way

corridor decorating wicker basket deco ideas

Make gardening easier

garden decoration ideas wicker basket from old make new

garden decoration wicker basket furnishing ideas gardening tips

Keep things tidier in the bathroom too

bathroom decorating wicker basket decoide bathroom

Create real art in the wicker basket

garden decoration wicker basket diy ideas

A comfortable crib for the dog

pets wicker basket decorating pet bed

picnic ideas wicker basket furnishing ideas

You can use the wicker baskets differently as needed

rustic deco ideas wicker basket home decor

A beautiful fruit bowl and table decoration in one

table decoration wicker basket tips for DIY ideas

A charming accent with practical use

vintage deco wicker basket deco ideas furnishing ideas

wanddekoideen wicker basket furnishing tips

A great laundry basket with a lid

wicker basket with lid deco decorating tips

Perfect as an umbrella holder

wicker basket umbrella holder decorating furnishing tips

The wicker baskets are an inseparable part of the house rules

wicker basket deco ideas furnishing ideas yimmer verschnern

A warm winter decoration with a useful purpose

wicker basket round furnishing ideas vintage deco

A rustic wall decoration idea

wicker basket wall decoration decorating wall decorating

Why would you use the wicker baskets?

wicker basket large deco ideas furnishing ideas


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