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This is what practical kitchen planning looks like – open kitchen island

The kitchen islands bring with them many advantages, which we know very well. It is very often the case that the strategic design of the piece of furniture can even replace the sink and the dining table. In our article we would like to address one question: Can the kitchen island also replace shelving systems and drawers? Find out more about the open kitchen island, which ensures a high degree of multi-functionality in the room.

We all know the problem when the space for new kitchen products gets smaller and smaller. Shelving systems can often solve this problem, but our editors can suggest a more attractive idea.

Even more storage space for kitchen products

Kitchen island ideas kitchen interior and open plan

Room planning with kitchen island

The room size plays a big role when it comes to the planning of the kitchen with a kitchen island. First, it is important to use the available space size properly. According to statistics, about 10-15 square meters are needed to position a classic kitchen island.

Since this is an open design, you should not plan below 10 m2. The decisive factors for the selection of kitchen island also include the spatial conditions. It depends on whether or not it is worth placing an open kitchen island there. Discuss concrete measurements with your family before making a final decision.

Stylish recipe books stylishly in the kitchen

open kitchen island ideas

According to experts, many families want an open kitchen island, but because of the small size of the room, it remains a dream. Until now! An alternative is the open kitchen peninsula, which is a perfect solution for small spaces. The peninsula could be less than two meters long and firmly connected to the wall at one end. These pieces of furniture require less space and offer just as many advantages as the large kitchen islands. An open and integrated shelving system could be planned for each side of the kitchen island. Now you have enough space for more recipe books and new kitchen products!

Small kitchen peninsula with open concept

cool open kitchen island ideas

Pure flexibility!

An important advantage of the open kitchen island is high flexibility, which is particularly important for our dynamic everyday life. A kitchen island can with drawers or with an open shelving system be designed, which can be integrated very elegantly. Homeowners use this space to store kitchen items that are most needed during the week. An integrated bookshelf can not be ruled out if you have a large selection of recipe books. The open kitchen island could also be decorated with decorative elements. Elegant vases and beautiful glasses are thus set in the scene and the entire kitchen equipment is positively valued.

Decoration elements enhance the open kitchen island positively!

Open kitchen island design

Which design is considered trendy today?

Every year many innovative pieces of furniture are presented by the designer world and in this number, the open kitchen islands are not missing. Gray and white seem to be the most popular colors for the year 2018 and the materials we have known for a long time – wood and marble. The worktop of the kitchen island is often made of marble because of the easy-care surface. Wood is ideal for a beautiful look and can be perfectly combined with many decorative elements. One of the most popular types of wood for kitchen island is Douglas fir.

Design an attractive kitchen island

Kitchen Island's current designs ideas

Hob, worktop, and shelf system in one! The multifunctional open kitchen island not only provides a cool look but also many advantages. In the following picture gallery, you will find the perfect ideas for your inspiration!

The perfect kitchen island for you!

Kitchen island with open form

Practical and stylish

open kitchen island concepts

More fun cooking

open concept for kitchen island

Make the food easier and serve more practical!

current designs ideas kitchen island

Can you come up with a better idea for an open kitchen island?

current designs ideas

Cups and vases find their place here

attractive kitchen island design

Extra space for new products

cool designs kitchen island

Even more flexibility in the kitchen

Design kitchen island cool designs

Choose an elegant design

Design kitchen island cool tips

Enough storage space for many kitchen products

Furnishing ideas with kitchen island

Beautiful look in the kitchen

elegant and open kitchen island design

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