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Tiles in wood look – the modern alternative

living room design floor wood look tile green side table brown armchair

Tiles wood look for the home

Wood is warm, great, noble, but for many people with an extremely modern everyday life just not practical enough. But the elaborate cleaning and the ever-increasing desire for regular exchange could be good reasons to give it up.

Floor tiles with wood look and wooden kitchen island

tile wood effect kitchen dining room open plan

Bathroom with wood effect floor

tiles wood look bathroom beautiful living ideas floor


However, if you think the look of the wood floor is best for your case, then you still have many great alternatives. Such is called “tiles with wood look”. We would like to take a close look at them today.

The tiles with wood look are very easy to lay out and then maintain. In addition, they can break hard, they are also able to withstand the cold and the extreme heat. Actually, wood-effect tiles are such a good alternative that we can hardly find arguments for the traditional wooden beam carpet …

This living room floor is an elegant interior solution

tile wood effect living room floor white armchair side table

tiling wood look – unlike Vynil

Many people already know the alternative vinyl. They were disappointed and therefore still insist on the real wooden floor. But that’s an outdated approach. Tiles with wood look offer much more advantages compared to vinyl. The days when you had to settle for cheap, not long-lasting replacement variants, are far behind.

Shiny wall tiles with wood look

tiles wood look bathroom modern side table bathroom mirror

Bright floor tiles

tiles wood look floor tiles open plan

Selection of tiles with wood look

Nowadays you have the chance to choose between different high quality variants for tiling wood look to decide. They may have been made of porcelain or ceramics, for example. The texture looks like real wood and has the same charisma. This will save you all the stress and dirt associated with wood. The super high resolution impressions can achieve very high quality results.

Dark floor design

Ceramic floor tiles wood look fireplace living room side tables

Gray nuances

tiles wood look porzelllan beautiful living ideas

Different designer solutions are getting easier

The wood-effect tiles have also given designers much more freedom in planning the different spaces. You can now play with nuances and shapes much freer than ever before. The digital technologies make it possible to get exactly the right darkening or the appropriate brightening of the tiles, so that the tiles with wood look can perfectly register in the rooms.

Wood effect floor tiles in the bedroom

tiles wood look bedroom floor design beautiful living ideas

Dark brown floor tiles with wood look

tile wood effect living room floor design armchair

Floor tiles with wood look in beautiful nuances

tile wood effect living room beautiful living ideas

Stylish floor

tile wood texture texture beautiful living ideas

Here, the vertical surfaces make an allusion to the Scandinavian design. However, the horizontal dark tiles provide such a strong contrast that suddenly everything is very bright and expressive. So, the ambience has become a bit brighter and even more exotic.

This is also indicated by the plants in the second level

tile wood effect living room open plan

This ambience is also rich in contrasts.

As above, one also has a juxtaposition of styles – industrial and highly elegant

tiles wood look bright accent wall brick wall

Tiles with wood look also make it possible to preserve the elegance and warmth of the wood in saunas, spa areas or simply in the bathroom.

This saves you all the tedious care that you would otherwise have

tile wood effect dark brown white cabinets

Beautiful accent wall with tiles in wood look

tile wood effect wall tiles bathroom side table red armchair

Wood look tiles in combination with a gray sofa

tiles wood look floor tiles living room beautiful living ideas

Fancy wall tiles with nice texture in wood look

tiles wood look wall tiles fruits beautiful living ideas

Wood-look tiles combine perfectly with white living room furniture pieces

Ceramic tile wood look floor side table

Ravishing tiles texture

tile wood look gray tones dining table

Stylish floor tiles in the open living plan

living room floor wood effect tiles glass table beautiful living ideas

Wood look tiles in brown shades

tile wood look floor living room round coffee table

Floor and wall tiles with wood look

tiles wood look kitchen open plan

Dark brown kitchen furniture and lighter floor tiles

tile wood effect kitchen kitchen island dark brown

Very elegant bathroom interior

bathroom floor tiles wood look freestanding bathtub

Combination of light floor tiles and dark wall

floor tiles wood look beautiful living room living room

Floor tiles with wood look and red accents in the living room

floor living room tile wood look rustic table

Interesting color combination in the living room, do not you think?

tile floor living room stool purple sofa

Wood effect floor tiles and wooden dining table

tile wood effect floor wooden table beautiful living ideas

Do you like this combination of wood-look tiles and black dining room furniture?

beautiful living ideas dining room plants floor wood look

The floor tiles are great in the fresh interior

beautiful living ideas tile floor wood look living room

The coffee table is great with the floor tiles

beautiful living ideas tiles wood look living room

Bright floor tiles with wood look

living room beautiful living ideas glass table light brown sofas floor tiles


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