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Tinker with Halloween – create a festive table decoration

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Crafting ideas for the Halloween table decoration

The Halloween table decoration is a really great thing for beginners in crafting. Simple creative ideas make it possible to completely transform an ambience. We will show you this pictorially in the next lines.

The matching tablecloth

halloween table decoration halloween tinker halloween decoration

Halloween tinkering in this case starts with the selection of a matching tablecloth. You should use an old cloth for this purpose. He should be worn out and look old. It should look best, as if he was taken out of a cellar after many years.

Soft cloth tablecloths bring a particularly big advantage because they remind us of spiderwebs.

You could also take another white, light gray or neutral colored fabric and paint it like a spider web. Transparent white ceilings, which are slightly torn, would be another suitable alternative.

Cutlery and dishes

halloween ideas halloween decorate tinker halloween tinker

Some buy dishes and cutlery with special Halloween patterns. If you have a little more time, you can save yourself this investment. You can put many Halloween designs on it yourself. Some stick to the rim of the plate or to the outside of the cups. You can also paint others. Some colors can then be removed again. So you can use the dishes after the party as usual.

Distribute symbols of Halloween on the table

diy ideas halloween crafts halloween table decoration

You can make the table decoration even more exciting without much effort. Small pumpkins can be spread on the table, in bowls or without special arrangement. Paint on it various interesting and scary characters. Believe us: one or the other diner will be scared and it will be fun.

There are many light paper crafting ideas for Halloween. From this you can make spiders, cut hands, skulls and skeletons. Making paper is really easy and can bring you great results. Experiment a bit and spread your works between the place settings for Halloween. Do not worry if some things did not work out perfectly! What is Halloween without a little humor!

Make an atmospheric Halloween table decoration

halloween crafts table decoration halloween halloween deko tinker

The Halloween biscuits should also be decorated accordingly

halloween tinker halloween table decoration

Make Halloween – hang witch hats made of paper over the table

halloween decoration tinker halloween ideas halloween tinker

The simple table decoration is better than no table decoration

halloween decoration tinker halloween tinker halloween table decoration

Be creative when decorating the Halloween table

halloween decoration tinker halloween tischdeko halloween tinker


Halloween crafts – hand in the sweets from a homemade bag

halloween ideas halloween craft halloween decoration

The candlelight complements the festive table decoration for Halloween

halloween table decoration halloween craft ideas halloween ideas

An interesting table decoration for the Halloween kids party

halloween decoration halloween crafts halloween table decoration

Also the cutlery and the dishes should be selected thematically

halloween ideas halloween table decoration halloween tinker


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