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Tinkering with chestnuts and other natural gifts, creates a beautiful autumn atmosphere

What do you most like to do in autumn? Do you like to walk in the park and enjoy the still warm weather outside and the nostalgic atmosphere?

You may also enjoy it if you collect some finds and then bring them home from your walk in the woods or directly from your garden. You can then use these gifts from nature for cool crafting ideas.

Great ideas for handicrafts with chestnuts and creative autumn decoration

cool crafting tinker tips simple crafting ideas

autumn garland

The first group of crafting ideas in today’s article are the autumn garlands. The materials to find you easily during a usual walk. These are mainly:

  • acorns;
  • pin;
  • Nuts;
  • Rosehips;
  • Colorful autumn leaves.

In addition to these finds from nature, which cost nothing, except some time to collect, you only need a thick wire.

If you want, take some wooden beads. The latter could be in different sizes. As tools, you also have your hammer and nails ready.

Make a garland

Kreativel craft ideas simple craft ideas cool craft ideas


First pierce the chestnuts and other solid nature gifts in the center. Use hammer and nail for this.

Attention: Be very careful when performing this step! Many people get hurt! Gently, concentrated and not too strong.

Use something as a work surface where damage would not be so bad.

The elaboration of the autumn garlands

Cut out a piece of wire of the optimal length. Thread one of the beads (if you use them) or one of the pierced natural gifts. Continue with the remaining pieces. Be very careful not to damage them.

Make a noose at the end and hang up the garland!

Handicrafts with chestnuts

beautiful craft ideas simple craft ideas cool craft ideas



Let’s continue with the second group of cool crafting ideas for today! Let’s make some chestnut animals together. Just like the autumn garlands, these are very popular with children and adults.

They can be simple and “sweet”. At the same time, great masters show their true talent and create wonderful works. Cool crafting ideas with animals can also provide a “WOW effect”.

The materials you need are:

  • chestnuts;
  • Matches or toothpicks;

And for the more complicated variants may also:

  • Knife;
  • Drill;
  • Adhesive;
  • Round decorative ears for sticking;
  • Fur;

Use several autumn gifts

Creative craft ideas with chestnuts

The “light” animals

The giraffe is an easy-to-make animal figure. Take this as an example. You need a bigger chestnut. Drill four holes in the lower part. Now you need four smaller chestnuts. Attach these to the body with the help of toothpicks. How to make legs and feet.

Toothpick (or matches) can also serve as a neck. Then you sting your head (another matching chestnut).

After this example, you could very likely make many more easy-to-make animals yourself, right? Do you have other cool crafting ideas, which are similar to the two shown?

Animals and garlands as cool crafting ideas for the whole family

cool crafting ideas creative crafting ideas

Cool craft ideas with chestnuts and nuts

cool craft ideas simple craft ideas creative craft ideas

make your own autumn table decoration yourself

creative craft ideas and great herbstdeko

A great craft idea for the entrance

beautiful craft ideas cool craft ideas simple craft ideas

autumn decoration ideas to make yourself

Nothing is more beautiful than a decoration from nature

creative craft ideas beautiful craft ideas cool craft ideas

Cool crafting ideas with natural finds

Creative crafting ideas Cool crafting ideas Beautiful craft ideas

You can also make cool animal figures out of autumn tree leaves

beautiful craft ideas crafting ideas cool craft ideas

cool craft ideas deco ideas make yourself

A great and easy crafting idea for autumn and Halloween decoration

Decorating ideas Make yourself cool Craft ideas Simple craft ideas

create basil with chestnuts and autumn decoration

create with chestnuts and cool decoration created

make autumn decoration yourself and make with chestnuts

autumn decoration and crafts with chestnuts

make autumn garland with leaves yourself

tinker wreath from autumn leaves


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