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Tips and tricks for DIY kitchen renovation

Your kitchen is not the newest, but buying a brand new kitchen is too expensive for you? No problem: then take care of the kitchen renovation yourself and Let your kitchen shine in a whole new light. Here we show you the most important tips and tricks on how to achieve the maximum effect in kitchen renovation with only a few resources!

Beauty does not have to be expensive – a facelift for your kitchen

Although many kitchens do not look fresh or modern, they still have a completely intact core. So instead of sharing the entire kitchen, it is often worth making a few minor cosmetic corrections.

Modern handles and new fronts or worktops are just one way to make your kitchen shine in new splendor. Another simple but very effective means of kitchen renovation is simply to replace a few appliances, such as the old refrigerator, or the scratched stove. Think of it Exchange of kitchen appliances Another reason is that with energy-efficient appliances, you can save even more in the longer term.

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With these three tips you can change a lot, even on a small budget:

Tip 1: Exchange fronts

The most effective and at the same time the most effective way to visually enhance your kitchen is to replace the fronts. The dimensions in the kitchens are often standardized, so you can easily select new – visually appealing – fronts from the hardware store and exchange them in your own kitchen.

kitchen renovation fronts orange white kitchen equipment

2: Tip: Cover the fronts with decorative foil

It is even simpler – and also effective – to simply apply self-adhesive decorative foils to the old fronts. If you also replace the handles of your kitchen cabinets, it will look just like new! Moreover, this is also the most economical way to visually enhance your kitchen.

Tip 3: Swap worktops

Another smart means to quickly modernize the kitchen is to replace the countertops. However, these are available in numerous versions with different levels of load capacity – from coated plates to granite. You should consider this with regard to the load-bearing capacity of the substructure.

Kitchen renovation fronts countertop counter

Need help renovating your kitchen?

Kitchen renovation does not have to be expensive or expensive. Nevertheless, there is also a little manual skill to do so. If you can not do it yourself or just do not have the time, then just have a backrest renovation done by the Kitchen experts from from Munich carry out. In any case a renovation of your kitchen worth the effort. After all, the kitchen is an important center of life , in which you spend a lot of time and therefore you really want to feel right!

kitchen renovation fronts diy wood fronts kitchen cabinets kitchen equipment

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